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You can pretty much ignore this post.

Considering -4 or worse to be unsafe:

O n.LP
X n.MP
X n.HP
O n.LK
X n.MK
X n.HK
O c.LP
O c.MP
X c.HP
O c.LK
X c.MK
X c.HK
O f+MK

10/19 (52.63%)

O Fuhajin
O Fuhajin (store)
O Fuhajin (release)
O Fuhajin EX 1
O Fuhajin EX 2
O Fuhajin EX 3
O Shikusen LK
O Shikusen MK
X Shikusen HK
X Senpusha LK
X Senpusha MK
X Senpusha HK
X Senpusha EX

5/13 (38.46%) [15/32 (46.87%)]

X Super
N Ultra 1
X Ultra 2

17/34 (50%)

Not 90%.

If we consider -4 or better to be safe it becomes 10/32 (31.25%) or 12/34 (35.29%)

Though I still stand by the argument that a character can still be brainless if all of their moves were unsafe except for their one or two overpowered and mashable moves, because that's all you need. For example, if a character had nothing safe except c.LK and an overhead then you'd spend the match looking for ways to land short short super or overhead mixups. If nothing Storm had was safe except j.HP and Hail you could still mash j.HP for meter and spam hails or simply use her as a battery for other characters, not exactly rocket science. If nothing SFA2 Rose had was safe except c.MP you could still mash the hell out of that move, again it's not complicated. Same goes for a lot of characters, like Claw's c.MP. IMO

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