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Ibuki: http://bit.ly/a0N8ze

So apparently some one has been working on a hack for Mame to display hitboxes in SF3:3S.

Well I'm all over that. It may be that I've spent the most time playing 3S than any other Fighting Game, so it's rather exciting to me.

Also, I created a playlist for all my hitbox videos: Hitbox Viewer Videos. You may or may not care for the games therein, but I think the videos provide a few things to relish in, even if you don't care for the games: disillusioning visuals, proof of concept, cool music.

Let us reflect on my personal favorite Alice Margatroid. The visuals, the concept, the music -- and keep in mind, she's not even top tier.

We've seen hitboxes for SF2, SFA3, and VHunter, among other oldschool fighting games. Now we're looking at a game that's over a decade old yet is still considered staple, Third Strike. With the advent of hitbox data revealed for SSF4 things were set aflutter. I hope more people can appreciate this sort of thing these days, and hopefully reflect on what those rectangles actually mean in the grand scheme of things, past and present.


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Anonymous said...

What, Vsav hitboxes? Where?? I hope you don't just mean the Saturn version of Vampire Hunter.

Xenozip. said...

@dammit unfortunately I do just mean the Saturn version of VHunter. Sorry, I shoulda specified that.