I would like for some one to explain to me the stigma and decline regarding fighting game FAQs on GameFAQs.

I'm aware that their forums are polluted with casual scrubs and youtube-level idiocy. However, what I'd like to know is why this effects anything. Lots of places have scrubby and retarded comments (hi YouTube and EventHubs), but why does this get in the way of content? It's free access and a fairly well moderated knowledge base.

Whenever I try out a new fighting game I'd at least like an accurate and comprehensive move list before I play. Honestly I sometimes won't play if I don't have at least that. In the past, Wiki's were not the places to go because they were often defunct and neglected, but I could always count on a FAQ. What baffled me was that lately I've been noticing FAQs getting rather skimpy or non-existent, and this is for games that I figured were ancient enough to have tons of FAQs with ridiculously comprehensive information.

Fighters aren't the only ones by the way, FPS/RTS/Diablo communities treated GameFAQs similarly and although I was deeply involved in each of the aforementioned communities I never understood the stigma regarding GameFAQs. I just don't see why the users or forums have anything to do with sharing information to literally anyone with an internet connection.

Again this isn't about newer games like SF4 mind you, these players have been around since the dawn of fighters and have played the games that have zero content on GameFAQs. But I will daresay it's slightly hypocritical for the fighting game community to be desperately reaching out to the SF4+ scrubs in an attempt to boost the genre, meanwhile turning a cold shoulder to GameFAQs and just about any other game (hi MeltyBlood haters).

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Anonymous said...

I honestly think that Kao Megura's death is (horrible) rationale; I wouldn't be surprised if more than just a few used that as an excuse.