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A random assortment of thoughts on the subject:
  • SFAA's version of SFA3 can be arcade perfect if the dipswitches are set correctly. This is good because no one cares about the patched/inaccurate versions. This can be used in lieu of emulators if preferred.
  • All other versions, arcade inaccurate, should be avoided unless specifically to showcase differences between that specific version and the arcade version.
  • The advantage of using SFAA's incarnation is the training mode dummy has auto-teching, among other things, which can help avoid invalid combos.
  • Invalid combos (where the opponent can airtech) should be avoided at all costs.
  • The only exception to using an invalid should be to show a valid tech-trap. If the tech trap is valid but escapable then focus on this combo should be limited to just the tech trap itself and the fact that it's escapable.
  • Common mistakes include Zangief's vertical jumping HP, Gen's kick stance j.HK j.HK target combo, and R.Mika's Paradise Hold which can all be air-teched from before the attacker even lands/recovers (despite normal juggle rules).
  • But other common mistakes also include midscreen invalids where there's no juggle limit midscreen, or sweeps like Guy's c.MK which allow the opponent to tech.

With the above in mind, some things that should probably be covered:
  • Meterless BnBs.
  • Possible guard crush strings and tick setups.
  • X-ism and A-ism standard combos.
  • Air to air counterhit and crouch cancel combos.
  • Situational counterhit and major counterhit combos.
  • Utilization of untechable moves (Ryu's hurricane super, Guy's kick super/bushin chain/backflip, etc).
  • Utilization of glitches to extend combos (chain cancelling, Gen's jakouha juggle limit breaker, Rose's unblockable friends super, etc).
  • V-ism standard combos.
  • V-ism tech traps and crouch cancels.
  • V-ism possible guard crush.
  • V-ism unblockables (high/low and cmd throw).
  • V-ism shenanigan/mixup/reset (left/right/high/low/shadow mixups).
  • V-ism post-dizzy activations.
  • V-ism post-dizzy valid juggle setups.

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Anonymous said...

One thing that annoys me is how no serious player is receptive to SFAA version's of Alpha3/Alpha3Upper but everyone was so excited about SSF4.

Alpha3/Alpha3upper rebalanced the cast, added a dozen characters and removed glitches, which is what SSF4 essentially did.

The complaints I often hear is that they removed crouch canceling and nerfed the top tier. I don't see how that is a bad thing....I mean I hate what they did to Sagat in SSF4 but I'll still play the game.