SF4 Unblockables

Ok, so a "glitch" was recently discovered in SF4 that allows you to force an unblockable projectile hit during ultra flash, which naturally combos into ultra for a lot of characters.

- Sagat
- Rose
- Seth
- Ken
- Sagat again

- Rose again
- Sagat again

On further inspection here's what I've learned about Sagat's. With the LK-TigerShot setup seen in my video, Ryu can crouch. He'll still get hit, but the Ultra will whiff. Testing a MK-TigerShot setup reveals that Ryu will get hit standing if he attempts to block at all before the flash which lets the ultra hit too. If he does not block before the flash in either setup he can block after the flash. I don't really know why, it doesn't make sense, but it's true AFAIK.

This isn't inescapable though, Ryu can EX-DP or HP-DP and both characters will whiff each other. Ryu can also MP-DP and Ryu will beat Sagat out of his Ultra.

With Rose there is no option of blocking either before or after the flash, Ryu simply gets hit during the flash regardless if he is blocking beforehand or not. However he can backdash pre-flash and he will be hit out of the air by the LP-Spark which causes the Ultra to fail.

I tested a bit more with MP-Spark setups and against Ryu-sized characters this setup is only unblockable if Ryu attempts to block low, however if he blocks high the MP-Spark completely whiffs him. Though with this MP-Spark setup Ryu could not backdash because the Spark whiffed entirely which let the ultra grab him out of backdash. Thus Rose's only legit setup (against Ryu-sized characters anyway) LP-Spark.

Personally I haven't gotten around to testing Ken or Seth much, but I can tell you that Seth's is definitely the best out of all of them. Reason: he doesn't need to FADC.

In the case of Rose, if you see the FADC you can react accordingly and avoid the unblockable (backdash preflash). But with Seth there's nothing to react to. That allows Seth to bait escape attempts for free any time he has Ultra. If you attempt to escape when he doesn't do his Ultra he can punish your escape attempt. With Rose and Sagat they are kind of committed after the FADC so they are wasting two bars of super-meter (and ultra if they attempt the ultra).

I'll probably do some more testing with Ken and Seth, but for now I'm posting this before my thoughts get all jumbled and I forget everything.

Jinrai compiled a list of escapes and such for Seth's unblockable here. And there's a discussion thread here.

[Edit]: Made a post about Seth.

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