RE: SF4 Unblocks / Seth

So I did further testing with Seth. He has a couple setups actually that work differently.

He can SPD into LP-Boom then Ultra. This setup works exactly like Sagat's, basically. If Ryu is blocking pre-flash he will be hit, and if Ryu does not block pre-flash he can block post-flash.

His other setup is backthrow into MP-Boom then ultra. This one works exactly like Rose's but better. Ryu can't block pre-flash or post-flash (meaning he can't block at all), he also can't backdash AFAIK. In fact the only way to escape it with Ryu is EX-DP. But Seth is safe if Ryu does EX-DP since they recover at about the same time. Seth is also able to just not do his Ultra and that lets him bait escape attempts for free. Regardless, if Ryu has no meter he's fucked since there's no way to avoid it.

Now I need to test some Ken stuff. And keep in mind this sort of thing MAY or MAY NOT be possible with Sakura, Dan, Dhalsim, and Gouken. It's definitely not doable with Ryu because he can not perform an Ultra while there's a fireball already on the screen, so he's out, and it's basically useless for Akuma because his ultra can't grab people out of hitstun so he's out. I would have suspected Chun and Guile not to be able to do this, but weirder shit has happened so maybe they can (I dunno).

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