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Re: Samurai Shodown Five Special. Amakusa in Samurai Shodown 5Sp seemed like a weaker version of Dhalsim to me; ridiculously floaty jumps and really long range pokes and a teleport. A Dhalsim-lite, for an SNK Fighting Game. But lately I've been tinkering with him and I've come to realize that he's not really a Dhalsim clone. Though he does have certain features that are similar in some ways, the features that are different are what really defines him. Either way, he's an interestingly gimmicky yet solid lower/mid-tier character despite how he looks at a glance.

One really cool thing about him is that his 66S is an overhead, but it's -7F on block which makes it basically safe (in SS, that's technically safe). And a safe overhead is quite a commodity. It's also part of a gimmicky midsreen 4-way mixup out of dash. His 66K is low, and his 66H will hit from behind if it passes through the opponent, and you can throw out of a dash -- that gives you high-left/low-left/right melee 3-way plus dashing throw for a 4-way. Unfortunately all of his dash attacks are unsafe on block except the 66S overhead or throw, so it's not really that scary of a mixup, especially since most of those options do basically very little damage anyway.

His 5S is also an overhead on the way down, though it becomes a mid attack when he calls it back to him. The interesting thing about 5S being an overhead is that it's about the same range that you can pester the opponent with 2P or 5P which are both lows. That gives him "outside of sweep range" high/low mixups, though (un)fortunately 5S isn't safe on block and the hitbox for it is a very thin vertical point. On the other hand, 5S does not knock down, so in Mu no kyochi (timeslow mode) 5S allows you to combo into his Issen (runpast) or basically anything else, which is kind of scary if you don't Rage Explode because of his 5P/2P/5S being low/high mixups from outside of throw range, all of which will combo into whatever.

Speaking of combos, his n.2H combos to 214H or to his WFT, which does absurd amounts of damage. Mostly a punish type of technique though, but on the other hand n.2H allows you to teleport cancel on recoil/block which essentially makes it safe, but if you hit with it you can combo to the portal for stupid heavy damage. At point blank his n.2S also combos to 623K for a bit of damage, plus small pursuit if near corner. His 66A also links into 623K.

Speaking of his teleport, it does have a few frames of recovery, but these frames can be canceled by anything (much like jump/dash/wakeup recovery) including another teleport or a throw or jump (literally anything). This teleport is really what makes Amakusa so interesting. It's a great movement option, but it also makes a lot of his otherwise-unsafe moves safe by virtue of recoil canceling. For example 5H would be ridiculously unsafe, but if blocked you can cancel the recoil into a teleport and you're fine. This makes his c.5S, c.2S, f.5H and c.2H all safe to use whether you confirm them or not because you can just teleport cancel them on recoil.

The one thing he lacks is anti-air, IMO. His 623K grabs limbs so it can work as an anti-air. His 5K can also hit anti-air and has the benefit of being OTG which minimizes punishment if he's hit out of it (namely against multi-hitters like Yoshi j.S or j.H). Despite how they look 66P and 66S are NOT anti-airs, they have really low hitboxes and suck etc. Though 66H can work as an anti-air by virtue of being invulnerable once he starts to teleport and hitting from behind with a relatively high hitbox. The problem with 66H is the somewhat slow 19F startup, and ridiculously punishable recovery if it fails. Alternately a preemptive j.S or j.H can be used as anti-air, but in both cases it's a bit risky since the opponent is likely to land before you do. His 5S would seem like a good anti-air but it doesn't have a large hitbox so it's actually kind of garbage. Instead, 5H actually does the same thing you'd think 5S would do but better. In fact, as long as you're sure you're out of range of the opponent's attack then 5H is actually fairly easy to use as an anti-air and does loads of damage. But if they are within range to attack you then you're limited to some pretty risky options. The only attack that he has that hits ridiculously high into the air his n.5H which is not something you'd use very often, probably just if the opponent happens to jump vertically right in front of you or something. But personally, I teleport.

Some framedata.
MoveHit Adv.Block Adv.CancelDmgBlock/Deflect
f.5P-10 ~ -5-15 ~ -10N/N6L/Y
f.5S-10 ~ +2-21 ~ -11N/N12H/M/Y
f.5H-4 ~ +4-21N/R31M/Y
f.2P-7 ~ -3-12 ~ -8N/N7L/N
f.2S-5 ~ +1-18 ~ -12N/N11M/Y
f.2HD-55 ~ -45N/N27L/N
5K-16 ~ -3-15 ~ +10N/N6M/N
3KD-28 ~ -21N/N7L/N

Some more framedata:
NameDamageStartupActiveTotalCancelTypeHit adv. f.Hit adv. r.Block advDeflectWeaponRecoil
c.5a457141~3(3)/5~14(10)Weak +1+1-4NNN
5a61211321~2(2)Weak Low -10-10-15Y (weak)Y11(1)
c.5b912133312~24(13)Medium -3+5-18Y (med)Y8~11(4)
5b122114491~2(2)Medium Overhead -10-2-21Y (med)YN
c.5ab281819531~4(4)Heavy +2+12-21Y (heavy)Y17(1)
5ab311711581~3(3)Heavy -4+6-21Y (heavy)YN
c.2a454161~3(3)/5~16(12)Weak -1-1-6NNN
2a7118281~5(5)Weak Low -7-7-12NYN
c.2b91673616~28(13)Medium -2+6-13Y (med)YN
2b1197321~5(5)Medium -5+3-18Y (med)YN
c.2ab261485322~23(2)Heavy -2+8-19Y (heavy)YN
2ab27151775xLow KnockdownKDKD-55NNN
5c6913291~6(6)Medium -16+6-15NNN
6c513143213~32(20)Medium Low -1+7-14NNN
2c26618xWeak Low -2-2-7NNN
3c778401~4(4)Low KnockdownKDKD-28NNN
u.5s463241~4(4)Weak -2-2-6NNN
u.2s473241~4(4)Weak -1-1-5NNN
u.5c8913291~6(6)Medium -16+6-15NNN
u.6c513143213~32(20)Medium Low -1+7-14NNN
u.2c26618xWeak Low -2-2-7NNN
u.3c778401~4(4)Low KnockdownKDKD-28NNN
j8.a781130xWeak Overhead ------Y (weak)YN
j8.b1142138xMedium Overhead ------Y (med)YN
j8.ab2412947xHeavy Overhead ------Y (heavy)YN
j7/9.a781130xWeak Overhead ------Y (weak)YN
j7/9.b1141937xMedium Overhead ------Y (med)YN
j7/9.ab2412947xHeavy Overhead ------Y (heavy)YN
ju.s88514xMedium Overhead ------NNN
j.c571529xHeavy Overhead ------NNN
ju.c571529xHeavy Overhead ------NNN
5bc1620341xMedium Overhead KnockdownKDKD-15NNN
u.5bc8221148xMedium Overhead KnockdownKDKD-20NNN
66a768331~5(5)Heavy +10+20-22NNN
66b13146261~4(4)/9~11(3)Medium Overhead KnockdownKDKD-7NNN
66c61012361~4(4)Low KnockdownKDKD-21NNN
u.66c61012361~4(4)Low KnockdownKDKD-21NNN
天照封鳳撃・小2633558xMedium Overhead KDKD-21NNN
天照封鳳撃・中2633558xMedium Overhead KDKD-21NNN
天照封鳳撃・大2629376xLow KDKD-21NNN

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