Let's take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Crossposting the description: - You get bonus points for knowing all the games. Extra super turbo hyper ultra mondo mega bigtime shin orochi bonus points for knowing all the music.

The games are not shown in any particular order, just what I happened to feel like at the time. Yeah there's some games "missing", but again this is just what I felt like adding in, the games shown are the ones that have special meaning to me one way or another (honorable mentions: Clayfighter, Rumblefish, Battle Fantasia, Brutal, Shaq Fu). -

Believe it or not, I've played almost all the games in the video to varying degrees. About the only ones that I feel guilty for having added to that video that I've never played before is any of the Arcana Heart games. But I added a couple shots anyway for my own reasons. Of the honorable mentions I've only played Clayfighter, I never did get a chance to play the latter mentioned games. Yet, I know there are those out there that could list many more 2D fighters that they have devoted time to (for example: Tokidensho Angel Eyes, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Ranma ½, etc).

On a side note, the number of people who can identify the last and second-to-last songs should be somewhat high. However, I wonder how many people will actually be able to identify the first song. Fortunately I know the music all too well, so I'll be able to spoil inquiring minds that want to know.

It's funny looking back on this video. Each picture appears for five seconds, so with a 6:10 video length that means 74 images (right?). This isn't including the games I purposefully left out like SFA1 and MK1 and such, which I have played rather extensively btw. The first "three" (more like the first two and that one sample) songs I chose for strong sentimental reasons. I'm definitely not the only one that has strong emotional ties to some of this stuff though, so I hope you enjoy the novelty, I enjoyed putting it together.

Anyway, I don't really want to talk too much about the video itself. Rather, I'll say that I hope I can talk about the games that appear in the video on this blog some day. I also plan to talk a little more about the games I've played outside of fighting games one day as well.

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It would be very interesting to read your thoughts about Karnov's Revenge and OMF 2097.