Evo 2010 Poll Results

This year, at Evolution: Melty Blood Actress Again.

Together with: Super SF4, Tekken 6, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, SSF2T-HD Remix, and PS3- Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (which is now replacing BB:CT).

Incidentally, Super Battle Opera news: Confirmed for September, will now have two stages, and be executed in "festival" style. The lineup: SF4 (not Super), Blaz Blue-CS, Tekken 6-BR, Virtual Fighter 5-R, King of Fighters 2002-UM, Arcana Heart 3, Guilty Gear-AC, SF3-3S, SSF2T (ST non-HD), Aaaaaaaaaaaand: Sengoku Basara X.

You'll notice MB-AA is missing from the SBO lineup again this year. In fact the only game that will be at both Evo and SBO is T6. But really, what the hell is SBX doing there, isn't it a little late to the party?

So anyway, there's your answer folks. MBAA won the poll. I'd also been wondering what Evo/SBO was planning on doing with SSF4/SF4, and now we know.

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