SF4 Misc

Char6Throw4ThrowJ.ThrowStageStage Name
Abel0.90.9x airbaseSmall Airfield
Akuma 0.90.9xtemple moonDeserted Temple
Blanka 0.90.9xjungle dayInland Jungle
Boxer 0.90.9xdinerDrive-in at Night
Cammy 0.750.751.0wineryHistoric Distillery
Chun dayCrowded Downtown
Claw Distillery
Dan 1.00.95xjungle nightPitch-black Jungle
Dhalsim 0.90.9xboat dayBeautiful Bay
Dic 0.90.9xvolcanoVolcanic Rim
El.F Rim
Fei 0.850.85xchina dayCrowded Downtown
Gen 0.951.05xchina nightRun-down Back Alley
Gouken 0.90.9xtemple moonDeserted Temple
Guile Airfield
Honda 0.90.9xbridgeOverpass
Ken 0.90.9xdinerDrive-in at Night
Rose 1.01.0xtv stageCruise Ship Stern
Rufus 0.90.9xdinerDrive-in at Night
Ryu 0.90.9xhigh templeOld Temple
Sagat 0.90.9xboat nightMorning Mist Bay
Sakura 0.80.8xbrigeOverpass
Seth 0.90.9xlabSecret Laboratory
Viper 0.90.9xtv stageCruise Ship Stern
Zangief 0.90.9xtrain yardSnowy Rail Yard



- Rose Max Absorb
364 c.LK c.LK c.MP hcf+LP s
423 c.LK c.LK c.MP qcf+LK s
438 c.HP hcf+MP s
514 c.HP qcf+LK s
- Chip
12 Reflect
20 Spark
25 Spiral
32 EX Spark
73 A.S.Spark
98 Spiral xx A.S.Spark
- Absorb Chip
27 Spark
44 EX Spark
102 A.S.Spark
127 Spiral A.S.Spark

Here is a visual representation of how p-linking works.

In a nutshell: When you kara SF4 reinputs the previous input. So going from HP to MP results in HP on frame one then HP+MP on frame two. Frame two is important because the game treats the HP+MP as a new input, and since HP overrides MP what happens is you get a HP attempt on frame one and another immediate HP attempt on frame two (two rapid-fire HPs).

TL;DR: So with the above example the red star represents a 1F link, you must push HP on that red star frame (frame five) in order for the link to work, any time sooner and it will fail and any time later and it will also fail. Using a single input that means you must push HP on exactly that frame. But with P-Linking you can begin the process on frame four or on frame five and either will result in success. This doesn't actually make the link a "2F link" but it increases the window for execution by one frame which essentially makes it FEEL like a two frame link rather than a one frame link. However this only works with a single kara, double kara attempts result in failure so HP~MP~LP will not give the desired results at all. Also, due to the strength priority of attacks you can only go "backwards" in strength, meaning this is useless for linking LPs and LKs, since there's nothing weaker than a LP and kara'ing LK to LP results in a throw attempt. On a side note, light attacks are actually chainable into themselves and sometimes into other light attacks, meaning you cancel the first light attack rather than waiting for it to finish. This creates a couple complications unique to SF4: first if the light attack is chained you lose the ability to special/super cancel the chained light attack, so in order to do c.LP c.LP qcf+LK it must be a link and not a chain. Second, when attempting to p-link into a higher strength move from a light attack you must avoid using the same light attack, for example with Ryu doing c.LP into c.MK~LP can result in a chained c.LP rather than a linked c.MK, but since both of his lights are chainable it's difficult to avoid this making the link somewhat less "plinkable" than others. I honestly think most of this is very self explanatory and everyone should have gotten the jist of it by now, but for some reason when I first heard about it I had trouble wrapping my mind around it, so w/e.

PS. I don't really like the comments system on Blogger because I don't think anyone really notices people's comments and I doubt anyone checks back to see responses to comments made. Thus, I set up a chat box that I put over on the right side of the blog, which I think might work better than comments. I won't disable comments though, FYI.

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Let's take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Crossposting the description: - You get bonus points for knowing all the games. Extra super turbo hyper ultra mondo mega bigtime shin orochi bonus points for knowing all the music.

The games are not shown in any particular order, just what I happened to feel like at the time. Yeah there's some games "missing", but again this is just what I felt like adding in, the games shown are the ones that have special meaning to me one way or another (honorable mentions: Clayfighter, Rumblefish, Battle Fantasia, Brutal, Shaq Fu). -

Believe it or not, I've played almost all the games in the video to varying degrees. About the only ones that I feel guilty for having added to that video that I've never played before is any of the Arcana Heart games. But I added a couple shots anyway for my own reasons. Of the honorable mentions I've only played Clayfighter, I never did get a chance to play the latter mentioned games. Yet, I know there are those out there that could list many more 2D fighters that they have devoted time to (for example: Tokidensho Angel Eyes, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Ranma ½, etc).

On a side note, the number of people who can identify the last and second-to-last songs should be somewhat high. However, I wonder how many people will actually be able to identify the first song. Fortunately I know the music all too well, so I'll be able to spoil inquiring minds that want to know.

It's funny looking back on this video. Each picture appears for five seconds, so with a 6:10 video length that means 74 images (right?). This isn't including the games I purposefully left out like SFA1 and MK1 and such, which I have played rather extensively btw. The first "three" (more like the first two and that one sample) songs I chose for strong sentimental reasons. I'm definitely not the only one that has strong emotional ties to some of this stuff though, so I hope you enjoy the novelty, I enjoyed putting it together.

Anyway, I don't really want to talk too much about the video itself. Rather, I'll say that I hope I can talk about the games that appear in the video on this blog some day. I also plan to talk a little more about the games I've played outside of fighting games one day as well.

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Samurai Shodown Five Special

I've been playing Samurai Shodown 5 Special on and off sparingly for some time. The Samurai Shodown series unfortunately never struck me as a fighting game series that I could really get in to. Be that as it may, 5SP is definitely the only one of the series I could possibly take seriously at all. And since I've been dabbling, it was unavoidable that I'd dig up some random esoterica.

- Rera while mounted on wolf Framedata
- Yoshitora Framedata
- Yoshitora Yuchouka (secret sword) unlocking requirements.

Basically Yoshitora was the first character I got interested in, he has gimmicks... I like gimmicks. I made that framedata chart for him before I knew about the pre-existing Japanese frame tables (orz). On the bright side the JP tables lacked some information that I was able to find so at least my effort wasn't wasted, and also I was able to confirm that my data was correct and matched theirs.

Regarding the second text file though, it basically lists the requirements for unlocking his super sword wave move. It's not like a WFT, as it doesn't require rage nor does it disarm the opponent. But it does MAJOR damage, can be used repeatedly, and is HUGE, plus it does pretty darn good chip. Sounds awesome right? Well the requirements for unlocking it are too steep to make it practical usually, plus the move is pretty slow startup and recovery so it's not like an auto-win even if you do unlock it. Still, at least knowing the requirements is kind of handy if you just happen to land some of the more difficult to land specials. Example, if your opponent whiffs a DP which lets you land his qcb+S then you might want to look out for other opportunities to land rdp+S and dp+K. Personally I tend to work rdp+S into my game a lot, it's not easy and it will in fact get you killed if you use it recklessly (like I do) but it's rather satisfying to land it, especially as an anti-air or anti-whatever-action. But it's not good as a mixup between the light version and mid/heavy version, it just doesn't work, there's too large of a gap between when you recover from the light version and hit with the mid version for it to be useful (the opponent can poke as the autoguard ends and before you recover/slash). The good news is that even though his dp+K grab is blockable and punishable, it's not especially bad as a reversal or punisher since it's startup is only 2F (catches on 3rd). Thus, knowing your opponent's framedata will actually let you use the dp+K from time to time as a punisher or wakeup move. And the best news is that those three are the only moves you actually need to worry about, since landing qcf+S is stupidly easily and you can whiff his dp+S and j.qcf+S safely from across the screen. Though one more little downside: the entire qcb+S move must hit from start to finish, it won't count if the first hit doesn't connect.

Yoshi doesn't strike me as a particularly solid/reliable character, at least not in comparison to the very obviously well rounded characters like: Charlotte, Jubei, Haohmaru. But his advantages are to my liking/play-style: he's a poke character with some silly abare gimmicks. Just glancing over the framedata would suggest tragedy, but he actually places either mid or high tier (not top) in most people's tier lists, so that says something about the value of pokes and movement at least.

Yoshi is also peculiar as a character because his backwards roll and backwards ground-tech are hops rather than slides. This means that both his backdash and backward roll are cancelable by air moves, which means j.qcf, though sadly that's hardly useful in most cases. Likewise since his backwards groundtech is a hop the cancel window for it comes at the very end of the move (groundtechs are invulnerable but have cancelable windows) which is also slightly less useful.

The other kind of cool thing about Yoshi is that most of his hits are multi-hit and hit all over the place. His medium slashes for example can hit behind him, whether it be ground/air/crouching. And his heavies multiple times air/ground and twice crouching. Though the bastard might not have a sf-Claw c.MP but he definitely has some wicked pokes. In particular 66B basically hits all over the place, high/mid/low/backwards, and it's two hit. That makes 66B great for anti-roll and anti-hop, since it can hit people out of the air if they are hopping in front or through (behind) Yoshi, and anti-roll since it hits low enough to the ground. But since it's two-hit it's also confirmable into 236A, as well as his far 5B and close 5B. His 66AB is ridiculous anti-air. It hits deceptively high and I don't think his hittable box is particularly high either. In Samsho when you dash under the opponent you automatically turn around to face them upon cancelling the dash with a dash attack, so dashunder 66AB is pretty good. His 2AB is actually cancelable on the second hit, which means you can cut down on the recovery by canceling it and also cancel into a big-pursuit (8BC) on hit, and since it hits twice is therefor confirmable into the big pursuit. Unfortunately since it hits twice it suffers from Guile/Remy syndrome in that the opponent can hop or DP him between the hits (or grab or whatever).

One thing I really like about his 236 moves is that 236A has very fast startup so it combos off his mids, but 236B while it has slower startup has stupidly good range and recovery. Since it recovers so fast 236B can even be used as a tick throw setup, despite being -9 on block (it "feels" more like instant/neutral). Speaking of tick throws, 66A is an "ideal" tick since it's -10F on block and Samsho has 12F throw inv on wakeup/block/hit (which is a lot).

His 623A and 623B DPs are sadly not really DP/Shoryuken moves, more like upper-body inv if at all, since they have zero actual invulnerability frames. His 623AB does have some actual invulnerability though, about 18F which is the same amount as the startup, meaning it can trade on it's first active frame. Still, 18F is enough to get through plenty of meaties and other such stuff. Basically, don't expect it to be anti-airing people other than Yunfei, nor is it a reversal unless you use the heavy version which is slow and unsafe.

His WFT is a rarity in that it's fully invulnerable until it's first active hitframe, which means it can blow through attacks but it can also trade. Unfortunately it kind of blows anyway, since it has somewhat slow startup and very poor range. It's comboable off close 5AB but that's about it. Being that it's so telegraphed and so punishable on block people don't use it much except in situations where you can beat very obviously telegraphed moves or punish major blunders.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what's up with the Rera stuff. Well when she mounts Shikuru the wolf a lot of her moves change. She can dash cancel her normals, and her dash is cancelable by blocking, even during the dash-cool. Her dash is also cancelable when you pass through the opponent by pressing up. And, if you press up for 1F while in front of the opponent is also will instantly cancel the dash. You can see some examples of Rera quick-stop and dash cancels in this video. Personally I don't play Rera and I don't really care for her at all, but I started digging around for this information because it was randomly prompted by some one else.

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Evo 2010 Poll Results

This year, at Evolution: Melty Blood Actress Again.

Together with: Super SF4, Tekken 6, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, SSF2T-HD Remix, and PS3- Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (which is now replacing BB:CT).

Incidentally, Super Battle Opera news: Confirmed for September, will now have two stages, and be executed in "festival" style. The lineup: SF4 (not Super), Blaz Blue-CS, Tekken 6-BR, Virtual Fighter 5-R, King of Fighters 2002-UM, Arcana Heart 3, Guilty Gear-AC, SF3-3S, SSF2T (ST non-HD), Aaaaaaaaaaaand: Sengoku Basara X.

You'll notice MB-AA is missing from the SBO lineup again this year. In fact the only game that will be at both Evo and SBO is T6. But really, what the hell is SBX doing there, isn't it a little late to the party?

So anyway, there's your answer folks. MBAA won the poll. I'd also been wondering what Evo/SBO was planning on doing with SSF4/SF4, and now we know.

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Evo 2010 Players Choice Poll

Players Choice, What game would you like to see in Evo 2010?

The poll closes February 6th 2010.

Only Shoryuken forum memebers registered prior to poll's open can vote. Poll results will be hidden until poll close.

I've voted, I hope you do the same.

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