Tiers Again

Often the subject of tiers comes up. And on a broader spectrum; the philosophy behind game balance.

I recently had a bit of a self realization regarding this. To use a quick analogy: It's like picking a really badass katana that was made just for you over a gun that looks like shit. Pick the gun if you don't like dying all the time OK?

tl;dr ahead:

That said, I'd like to point out that Yoshinori Ono (and Capcom designers in general) want a little imbalance among the tiers. I said it before -- I'll say it again -- Ono (and probably others) have gone on record as saying that that's what they want: Imbalance.

Reason? A lot of players like the wacky underdog. Who doesn't root for Chikyuu when he plays Anakaris/Twelve/R4-Raiden/etc? Everyone loves to see the bottom tier just beast the hell out of that asshole top tier, they just do!

Meanwhile, a lot of players get stuck on a character in a game because they just "like that character". And then suddenly they have complaints. Either because the top tier is too common or too strong or they see too many weaknesses in their own character. But to the rest of the world: If you have a PROBLEM with your character then pick another character, even if that problem happens to be that yours is inadequate compared to another. If the only reason you're picking that character is because you just happen to really like them then shut the fuck up because you bring it on yourself. Choose preference or power, but don't complain, you chose it willingly. If tiers matter to you then pick top tier. Do not expect the rest of the world to play mid/low just for you, the world does not revolve around you. To use another quick analogy: Between soda pop and V8, you might enjoy drinking soda and everyone thinks it's cool, but you're really not as healthy or strong as the lame V8 drinkers and that's that.

What you don't want: Single god tier character (like #R Eddie)

What you do want: As close to 3 definitive tiers as you can get (high/mid/low)

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Slow Motion Fapping

I wonder if there's a demand for this kind of video or not. I'm guessing not, but who knows?

Frames are very esoteric in fighting games. Or at least, in my experience, very very few competitive fighting game players actually understand a game on a frame-level, let alone being able to apply that knowledge (Buk's one of a kind).

Anyway the point of the video is to show a little quirk with SF3 3S Chun-Li's EX Spinning Bird Kick. A lot of players thought it had no invulnerability frames and that it just had a tricky hitbox. They would go on and on about what moves could beat it and what moves couldn't, etc. However, it's clear when you watch the video that there is actually 8 frames of startup invulnerability. But the startup for the attack is 12 frames, so it's invulnerable for the first 8 but then becomes vulnerable on frames 9-12, the 12th frame being vulnerable but also attacking which means it could trade on that frame.

Anyway, that means it could blow through meaty attacks with less than 9 active frames.

But upon experimenting with the EX SBK I also discovered that the damn thing is vulnerable to Ken's SA3 (shippu) even during it's would-be invulnerable frames.

Like, near the end of the video I start hitting the SBK on frames 1-4 when it should be technically invulnerable, but Shippu hits it anyway. Why? I have no idea. It's clearly not a hitbox thing but a special property, as in it's invulnerable to any attack less than a certain strength.

It doesn't have anything to do with the superflash "draining" the invulnerability duration out of the move either, because I activated the EX SBK after the screen freeze, and just to prove a point also before the screen freeze and during the screen freeze.

Anyway I also discovered that Ken's Shippu is invulnerable until it's active hitframes, so it will pretty much blow through and hit anything that isn't invulnerable or above the first kick's hitbox (like a UOH will go over the first kick so a UOH can stuff it).

Though oddly it's still vulnerable to throws, heh.

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