My Beef With Parries

I know this subject has been done to death, but whatever. Here's my problem with 3S style parries. If you can find an answer to all of these problems then I'm OK with parry. Good luck.

  1. Option selects. Tapping a direction invalidates some mixups like crossup j.MK.
  2. Risk/Reward. In a lot of situations the most you risk is getting thrown while the most you gain is a hitconfirm combo into super.
  3. Reaction/Anticipation. Parries can not be punished on reaction since there's nothing to react to, they can only be beaten on anticipation (meaning the aggressor has to guess right).
  4. Startup. There is no startup for a parry so that lets you invalidate a lot of would-be setups.
  5. Guarantees. If I throw or sweep you successfully I can't guarantee any kind of additional reward because there are no guarantees in a game with parries.
  6. Throwing. Because throws beat high/low parries it puts a much greater value on throws. Even in top level play; some times a player will eat a meaty throw five times in a row simply because they are fishing for parries and scared of c.MK xx super.
  7. Hitconfirm. The biggest problem is sometimes you can't hitconfirm a super off a light or mid attack because stun duration is too short to visually confirm the hit, but with parries it's easy, now you're confirming off the parry (visual/audible/long duration) rather than only the c.LK.
  8. Jumping. Some characters have no business mindlessly jumping at the opponent without momentum/advantage. With parries, it's okay, because air parries can compensate for stupidly retarded mindless aggression. If you option-parry correctly the worst that happens is you land in their face. It promotes totally scrub-like behavior.
  9. Position. Footsies are diluted to whiffing attacks and hoping your opponent walks right into them, there is no forcing your opponent into a bad position in a game with parries.
  10. Guessing. (explained below)

Guessing: A lot of players seem to say that the one parrying is the one guessing, and this isn't entirely correct. What parries actually do is force the one attacking to guess, not the one parrying. In fact, at least there's something to react to for the one parrying, whereas there is nothing to react to for the one attacking.

Take for example a game without parries, without invulnerable DPs, but with invulnerable backdashes. The aggressor in such a game doesn't have to guess every time he wants to attack in fear of getting parried or DP'ed, and if the opponent backdashes to get out of these options then no harm comes to the aggressor or backdasher. But with parries and invulnerable DPs he can't land a meaty attack without guessing what the opponent will do, he can't tick with staggered jabs without guessing if the opponent will parry or not, and worst of all he can't bait out a parry and punish it on reaction like you can with a DP. Assuming you know the opponent will take an aggressive option like reversal DP you can bait that out, see it come out, and punish it during it's recovery. But with parries if the aggressor blocks expecting an offensive action to occur there is nothing to punish. You have to beat it by countering. In other words in order to inflict damage to the parryer, you have to attack either high or low or throw and if you guess wrong you get parried. THAT is the guessing game parries cause. Every time you attack YOU have to guess, not the one parrying.

I've said it before but I can't stress it enough, parrying is not a defensive option, it's an offensive option.

Now before people say that I don't know what I'm talking about, what I'm saying isn't even unique, most of the best 3S players have said the exact same things about 3S parries many times. Pretty much all of the best 3S players were eager to drop 3S as soon as SF4 was released, yet they still play older Capcom games like MvC2 and CvS2, they simply needed an excuse to ditch 3S. Also keep in mind that this doesn't come from inexperience either, I actually played 3S against some of the best players in the US, and I also play MeltyBlood, Akatsuki Blitzkampf, and VanguardPrincess (which have parry-whiffs fortunately), so it's not like I'm theory fighting over here.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of top players haven't ditched 3s but actually grown to like it more in the face of SF4 where you have such silly things as trading into ultras. As for the parries. That's what makes the game unique and I think in a good way.

Parries aren't broken because no one parries or plays perfectly similar to how Seth would be broken if anyone played him perfectly. The game may be almost dead here but not in Japan where they were always better then the players here who understand the gameat a lower level.

alvare#ClrnD said...

Me and my friends stopped playing 3S because of parries. Sometimes we "randomly" parried, like, when pressing forward to walk or down to crouch, and it felt fucking cheap, it felt like stealing, we didn't like to receive so much advantage out of the fucking nada.

Anyway, nice points, I've written about this but you put it perfectly.

By the way, what do you think of Slashback in GGAC? Jam has a parry but it's high only, so that takes care of the problems, but slashbacks are like parries, just incredibly harder to execute and profit from. Oh they also leave you vulnerable if you whiff them, so I guess it's like in VanPri.