Jojo's Ghettoness

I think I've posted this information before, but I'm going to try and make a more concise post.

- You can not do reversals in Jojo's, period.
- That makes meaty unblockables inescapable/unavoidable.
- Example: Hol Horse sweeps you, his time-slow bullet is unblockable and unavoidable on wakeup due to no reversals (guaranteed super off sweep).
- You can be thrown during jump startup and backdashes.
- There's 3F throw inv on wakeup or off blockstun, but 0F coming out of hitstun
- The two factors listed above make certain throw traps inescapable.
- Example: Old Joseph does his tandem (custom combo like Genei Jin) and ends with slide into 360, the grab ender is unavoidable/inescapable because there's no throw inv off slide hitstun and no reversals.
- There is ground crouch-cancelling. Example: normally Mariah can't link 5A to 5B, but if you do 5A [2] 5B it combos easily.
- But it's not a universal rule, some characters have no useful crouch cancels while others have many.
- Pushblocking is done by inputting three attacks during blockstun, while holding any direction, and can be done any time during blockstun.
- There's no limit to pushblocking. In games like MvC2 you can only push once per blockstun, the stun will have to end before you can push again. This is not the case in Jojo's, you can push every hit during blockstun at any time.
- Characters that can tandem (custom combo) have a jump-install, where activating the stand in the air will flip a switch (glitch) in the way the stand behaves during tandem.
- Example: Jotaro's Stand's 5C won't combo into itself during tandem, but if he activates his stand in the air the 5C will chain into itself during tandem allowing him to do [5C]xN.
- Petshop has a 9:1 matchup against the entire cast, he is normally banned in tournaments.
- Young Joseph's block animation will cancel his normal moves if an opponent's attack is active.
- With Young Joseph you can literally hold down-back and mash and the first frame of each attack attempt will be canceled into block (as evident when you c.A3 and hear his attack sound) while there's an attack like Mariah's Stand on the screen near him.
- There's 5F throw invulnerability when landing from a jump.
- So empty-jump into throw is pretty valid since the opponent can't throw you.
- And a number of other things I can't think of right now.

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Marc said...
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Marc said...

Really useful stuff, not nearly enough English-language info on this game, as it's one of my favorites. The throw system is really odd. I was playing this Dio player who how to manipulate it (and me with it) so well, that I got thrown for 90% of my damage...Threw me out of rolls, after rolls, etc, until I learned the proper timing for that stuff (didn't know about any of it before).

However, as you might recall, Dio's throw stops time for a second as he laughs. As you can delay pushblock for awhile in that game, I think he jumped in and hit me with a few jabs, then I pushblocked it (with Anubis Polnareff), and he still threw me - so while time was stopped (bg was black and white), I had Dio like 2 character lengths away from me, the pushblock graphic in front of me, and yet was still thrown. Weird, weird stuff. Still an awesome game, and yes Petshop is digusting...need to learn how to get better execution on Joseph's super-grab, I find it harder in this game for some reason