Good Bye Street Fighter 4

So now that Capcom has officially announced Super Street Fighter 4, I think it's safe to say that regular SF4 is now dead in the water. People will probably continue to play it up until SSF4 is finally released some time in 2010, but it's more than likely that once they get their hands on it then SF4 will die.

But here's the real kicker, it's being said that there won't be an arcade release for SSF4. No arcade release means no SBO spot, and no SBO spot means Japan isn't going to care (plus they pay very little attention to console-only games anyway). So this will be the true test to see how much the Western world has it's head up Japan's ass. I for one am very interested in seeing if America/EVO will go with SF4 or SSF4, or both, and what Japan will do (if anything).

Anyawy, I've been keeping quiet about SF4 for a long time now, and there's a reason, I knew something like this would happen. Why? Take a look at Capcom's history. They never get a game right on the first try.

1991 Street Fighter 2 (Super Turbo)
1994 Dark Stalkers/Vampire (Vampire Savior)
1994 X-Men/Marvel series (MvC2)
1995 Street Fighter Alpha (A2 and A3)
1996 Street Fighter EX (EX3)
1997 Street Fighter 3 (3S)
1998 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (HftF)
2000 Capcom vs SNK (CvS2)

They may get it "right" eventually, but no one really plays the first version of any of those series titles any more. So I wasn't personally expecting the first version of SF4 to be the one that sticks anyway (I was waiting for part 2). Now we're in 2009 with SF4 and SSF4 is slated to be released 2010. With 8 new characters being promised (10 total is rumored) there's good incentive to want to play it. Presumably the game will at least be as good as the prequel -- if not better. But not having an arcade release may be significant enough reason to downgrade back to SF4, and if that's the case then the series itself is as good as dead, since obviously the community will split and eventually dwindle.

I hate to be a cynic and bring anti-hype to something still alive, but people have been asking me if I've been playing SF4 and if I'll ever do any combo videos for it. The answer to both is no and no. I recently installed it for the PC, and will probably soon uninstall it. So mainly I've been keeping quiet because I never had any intention of playing SF4, and frankly I look at SSF4 as the nail in the coffin for SF4.


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