The answer to every IaMP related question is: "Depends."

The reason is because there are quite a lot of situational variables to take into consideration for any given scenario, so it's impossible for any given answer to be right all the time. It's just one of those qualities of IaMP that is both rather frustrating and yet can also be endearing in retrospect.

For example, in most fighting games you could say: "If the opponent jumps at you, do c.HP or DP as an anti-air." and it would apply in almost all situations where the opponent jumps at you. It's a good general rule of thumb. Sometimes this even leads to players not jumping at all unless it's after a knockdown, because there's never a right time to jump except on okizeme.

But in IaMP you can't say that you should always anti-air the same way in every situation, it depends on many different things. Lots of things can effect your method of anti-air:
- If the opponent has no bullets in front of him and has used up both airdashes, either a bullet or melee anti-air works fine.
- If the opponent has bullets in front of him and no airdashes you can anti-air with bullets.
- If the opponent has both airdashes saved up and no bullets in front of them you can use a melee anti-air at the right distance.
- If the opponent has both airdashes saved up and bullets in front of them you your options are to use bullets to force them to use their airdash and negate their bullets, or to attempt to dash under them to graze their bullets and force them to airdash toward you.

You would also think that you should always go for a tech-trap setup in order to capitalize against a bad air tech. Or to never air tech against a good tech-trap setup. But even these have conditions. You might not want to go for the tech-trap setup if it would cost too much spirit, self draining you as a result, especially if you know your opponent respects the risk of air teching and you assume that the opponent will not tech. Some characters would also shy away from trying to tech-trap Youmu, Yukari, and Remilia due to those character's unique properties. Likewise, you may choose to air tech and risk taking extra damage in order to deny your opponent bomb stocks, because you won't be landing on the ground so you can prevent them from regaining any bombs they used. You also avoid having to deal with a meaty okizeme rushdown that would put you back into the corner.

I myself am guilty of getting hit by the same thing in the same situation repeatedly, without realizing it or fixing it. Though in my defense I think I'm like most players -- I need time to think about it before I can adjust my game. So don't worry, if you find yourself getting repeatedly lamed by something or other, you're not alone.

If you find yourself beating your head against the proverbial brick wall, you may want to take a moment to consider what all your options are and if you've fully explored each one. What do you think would be a good word to describe; trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results?

And if you do find an answer, and then that same answer fails the next time, just remember that situations can change frequently in IaMP.

- Bellreisa says: "There's never an always in IaMP."

- Copyright © Xenozip.

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