Double Standard

I had a self-realization about a double standard that the fighting game community seems to have about pronunciation of terminology and names in fighting games.

Honestly, you don't go around mispronouncing the French word champagne, nor do you go around mispronouncing the Spanish words tortilla or fajita. You'd be getting a lot of dirty looks and scolding fingers if you did, making yourself look like an uneducated douche.

So it personally kind of annoys me when I hear people calling other gamers weeaboo otaku Japanophiles for trying to pronounce Japanese correctly.

I'm sorry but, no. Collecting stupid amounts of anime and manga, cosplaying as characters from these collections, and worshiping the culture for no reason is being a weeaboo. But incorrectly pronouncing Japanese character names and move names or refusing to use the actual Japanese move names or terminology is just being a douche, just like being a douche for failing at pronouncing Spanish or French words.

A horrible double standard to accept proper Spanish and French into the English language but reject Japanese (or any language for that matter). IMO the otaku-bashing has become far too popular of a trend, and frankly I think you're a prick if you call other people weeaboos for just trying to pronounce words correctly.

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