Psychic DP 2K9

Our friend Suou asked why Psychic DP's (Dragon Punches / Uppercuts) were so popular with the crowd in Evolution 2K9. Or rather, maybe he just noted it, and I took it upon myself to explain it a bit.

Seth Killian was the first to write about it, I think. That means he's obviously the guy to go to when you want to know what a Psychic DP is thoroughly. But what I'd like to do is explain it in another way, starting with an analogy.

So, if you can imagine yourself in a real-life fight situation, that's what I'd like to talk about.

Picture your opponent much bigger than you, and much faster. He punches your guard with a heavy force, so you know he means business. You try to punch him back, but he's much too strong and quick for you, you end up guarding just to keep from getting knocked out. As you back up, you eventually find yourself in the corner. Now you're pinned, nowhere to run, and all you're doing is guarding.

This is the pivotal moment. Your opponent moves his body to your side and that makes you feel vulnerable. You opponent moves closer, invading your space, and that makes you feel even more vulnerable. Your opponent pulls his body in front of his hands.

Now here you are, nowhere to run, and now you don't what your opponent will do. You're so scared, and you don't think you can successfully block this next attack, so your instincts tell you the best defense is a good offense. You throw out an attack to intercept and counter your opponent's obvious actions

Only to get uppercut in the face.

That's because you dropped your guard. You dropped your guard in order to attack. And you did that precisely at the time that your opponent designed. He set up the situation, he forced you, he pinned you. He knew all too well, like a cat toying with a mouse, that if he showed you what he wanted you to see that you'd have a reaction, and that reaction is something he knew he could blow right out of the water with his fist.

That's a psychic DP (Ume Shoryu).

How is this in fighting games? Simple; when some one in invading your personal space it tends to be a natural human reaction to attack in order to push you out. But someone skilled in the ume-shoryu will pressure you in specific ways and eventually "read" your actions by giving you little other choice, which is why it's often called "psychic".

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