No Sagats

Good news or bad news, depending how you look at it: There's no Sagat for Evo2k9 tomorrow in the winners or losers. That's right, the final brackets will consist of characters other than Ryu and Sagat. Surprisingly we did not see many Sagats today. It was pretty amazing today actually. I'd like to say that for today; I've been glad to see Akuma, Rufus, Dhalsim, and Viper being represented, among other characters. Not just represented but there was some really awesome choice moments (spoiler: like Balrog whiffs a short rush punch and Rufus does an ultra on reaction, but it was out of range due to the short rush punch).

Actually, I have to say there has been a very very impressive showing in general.

Next, I'd like to say that SkiSonic is awesome. One of the best English commentators we could hope for, in my opinion. Surely DogFace is awesome and we love other commentators like Arturo and Seth, but SkiSonic is something else. I'm not just being bias because I've met him a few times and spoken with him online a couple times, no. He says everything that is going on perfectly, and his understanding is just uncanny and highly appreciated. He says it right as it happens and exactly what happend and/or what should have happened. In other words, he sees all the angles and tells it to you immediately. Seriously, mad props to Skisonic.

Oh and also random note: I increased the embedded stream window size per J-Boogie's request: Evolution 2k9. So if you're having trouble directly connecting you might want to try the embedded stream in that post, it's larger window size now so it's the same thing, but you might get better connectivity.

Also another little golden gem spoiler: When Sirlin was up for the SF-HD remix (HDR) match early this morning the commentators had a thing or two to say about it. Obvious hijinkes ensued. But right as the match was scheduled to start Sirlin refused/objected to play. That's right, Sirlin who was on staff for the HDR project did not play in a scheduled match on the grounds that "he did not like the TV screen", or so we heard. I can't confirm though because all the live-stream-viewers actually saw/heard was the scheduled match players step up to the plate and plug in and set their controls, then Sirlin refusing to play after plugging in.

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