Evolution Fighting Game Championships: Marvel versus Capcom 2.

It's Marvel, baby.

The finals are officially over now. Between 11,000-13,500 viewers on the live stream to watch the grand finals, and with good reason. They caught quite a show.

I don't want to spoil it for those who didn't watch it (who wasn't watching, really?) but I'll say this; the finalists met in winners. One was sent to losers by the other, and that player came out of losers to knock that same player into losers as well. That means they both lost to each other once. And in the grand finals they both took rounds off each other. It went down to the wire. Holy hell it was epic. They may not have been on the top of their games, but playing three sets and taking wins and losses off each other to the point where it went to the absolute final round was crazy intense.

Once again mad props to Skisonic for his incredible commentary. He was even doing a great job commentating Guilty Gear, despite not playing the game or knowing much about it.

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