Post Devastation

For those who might have missed the Devastation live stream, Shiro420 is uploading the finals from the stream up on youtube. Framerate is a little shoddy but, raw captures may be released at a later time, so at least these are available now.

Quite a lot of games got represented, which is cool. A rather large event. Some one called it a mini-Evo, though the gaming hall was actually larger than an Evo venue from what I'm told.

I'll try not to spoil anything, but here's some general thoughts:

- Where was CvS2? I wonder.. could it finally be put on hold now that SF4 is here?
- MvC2 finals went exactly as everyone expected. I wish I had tuned in to see more MvC2 footage, because the finals just came and went in a blur of rape and ownage.
- 3S finals were unexpectedly exciting. But then, that's what happens when you get a Mokoto player who likes to bank on lucky randomness.
- HDR finals were also unexpectedly exciting. Considering all the bad things people had to say about it I would have expected ST to be a better choice, but somehow the players made it cool anyway.
- GG finals made me facepalm. The players were good, but the winner wasn't even using his main. He chose to alt. to an easymode character, which he admitted was a decision based solely around wanting to eat up wins. Now, I approve of switching to a character for wins, but I just happened to hate the character he picked so all I could do was roll my eyes.
- SC4 is tragedy incarnate. I have only seen bits and pieces of it thanks to Crow. But now after watching the Devastation finals I have to wonder why no one is really willing to just drop it in lieu of SC2.
- Tekken was as boring to me as ever. Props to the players and mad props to the winner but uhhhg it was heinous.
- TvC was a laughing stock. The players had skill of course, but even with that much skill the game is just retarded. You get hit, you burst, and then you combo them off the burst. Brilliant (not). It was mad douchery the whole set.
- SF4. I think everyone was surprised at SF4. I know I was. Good job guys.

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Crow Winters said...

And you didn't even get to see Hilde in action.

A local player I trained got top 5 and he hasn't played anyone but me in SC4 in the past 5 months or so. Go figure.

Crow Winters said...

I'd also like to point out that about 99% of the shit the commentaters were saying about the players/game was wrong. They had no fucking clue what was going on.

Level of play could've been better- I've known Vicious for years, he's solid, but when there may be like.. 50 people total in the community taking the game seriously, it's hard to get competition as good as it was in SC2 days.