Looking Around

Looking at certain features in fighting games, I have to wonder why developers don't adopt good ideas from others and make them standard features. Things like advanced training mode options, replay record, custom character colors, netplay lobby, peer to peer netplay, spectating netplay, and all the little things. Little things like survival mode, character move lists, challenge modes, sound/music test, and things like that.

When something is a good idea, I have to wonder why it gets overlooked/forgotten in the future. The same might be said for actual gameplay mechanics as well, and not just features outside of the game.

Then again, I have to wonder why the scene doesn't adopt standard codes of practice as well. I think the competitive gaming scenes could learn a lot from one another. Fighting game players could learn a thing or two about the way events are organized and run for FPS and RTS, for example. And things surrounding events, community bases and knowledge bases. Again, when something is a good idea, why isn't it made standard? Above all, I think competitive gaming could really learn a lot from organized sports.

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