Chars I Like

Just a list. The characters are listed in order, but the games aren't in any special order.

- Vampire Savior: Q-Bee, Lei-lei, Felicia, Lillith, Victor
- Jojo's: Rrubber Soul, Mariah, Midler, Shadow Dio, Young Joseph
- IaMP: Yuyuko, Sakuya, Suika, Yukari
- Blitzkampf: Kanae, Mycale, Marilyn, Sai
- SF3-3S: Ibuki, Chun, Remy, Elena
- GG#R: Venom, Millia, Baiken, Dizzy
- MB-AC: Mech-Hisui, Satsuki, V.Sion, W.Len, Aoko, Kohaku
- Monster: Ryougen, Orju, Maya, Othello
- SS5sp: Amakusa, Yoshitora, Mizuki, Basara
- SFA3: Claw, Rolento, Cammy, Chun
- ST: Claw, Cammy, Chun
- CvS2: Claw, Kyo, Chun, Mai, Cammy, Vice
- MotW: Grant, Dong Hwan, Kevin, Rock
- KoF98: Mai, Daimon, Blue Mary, Chizuru, Vice, Shermie
- KoF2k2: Mai, Daimon, Blue Mary, Maxima, Kula, Shermie
- KoF2k0: Mai, Blue Mary, Maxima, Kula
- VP: Ayane, Lilith, Kaede, Eri
- TMNT: Aska, Wingnut, War
- LB2: Shigen
- SF4: lol.. (?) Rose
- SWR: lol.. (?) Alice, Suika
- CFJ: lol.. (?) Mukuro/Kenji, Karin, Ingrid

Well, these are the characters I like. Some games I've played a lot more than others. The ones with question marks at the bottom are games I don't play much, so the characters listed are just vague assumptions.

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Charles said...

Vampire Savior: Q-Bee and Felicia
JoJo: Rubber Soul, Mariah and Midler
SF3-3rd: Elena and Akuma
GGXX(any): Baiken
Garou: Terry and Hotaru
Alpha3: Rolento and Akuma
Blazblue: Taokaka

...I'm not sure what that says about me as a player...But I'm sure there's at least some sort of odd trend to this that I don't see right off the bat...^^;