What If..

What if there was a central hub for gaming in America? Like, a "gaming state" or "gaming city" that's known specifically for it's high volume of gamers. Would we specifically try to find a job there and move there?

What if we all moved there?

Japan is pretty small geographically compared to the USA. Many gamers are spread out. We could say that this theoretical gaming state already exists in Japan, since anywhere you want to go in Japan is no more than a day's ride on the subway. Though, moving there requires not only leaving the country but also learning a new language which simply isn't logical/practical/realistic for many of us.

But what if there was an extremely large and accommodating arcades and game centers in a place like Vegas, the city that's already known for something similar to gaming: gambling. Theoretically this is the most ideal spot because people already frequently visit there just for vacations. While visiting some random area in PA with nothing in around it but the world's-best arcade doesn't sound particularly interesting, visiting Vegas for an arcade "plus everything else" does. And this is most likely why it was decided that the Evolution national tournaments are held in Vegas.

But Evo's something that happens just once a year. I'm wondering if people would actually consider moving to Vegas if there was year-round comp in Vegas.

Long ago I theorized that cyber cafe's and arcades should merge since they generally tend to attract the same breed of people. So, imagine for a moment a Casino opens a daughter-building that houses an internet cafe, an arcade, and also supplies access to pay-to-play consoles (via membership cards or something). It'd be fairly all-inclusive, with gambling and hotels right next door, and especially being in a city where you can find just about everything else.

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