We Were Right

Million Knights Vermilion is the game by NRF that came after Big Bang Beat.

And, it's pretty much as terrible as we all expected it to be. In it's defense; MKV is at least marginally better game-play-wise than BBB. Unfortunately MKV is also marginally worse aesthetic-wise than BBB.

Also in it's defense; the game was very much rushed for release. It seems they wanted to release it early so that the general public could help the developers beta test it. We know it's still an incomplete game because it keeps getting frequent patches that modify the game a lot, and the character roster is also incomplete. There's two characters (Ivan and Sven) that have been mentioned and promoted in the trailers but have not been put in the game yet.

Personally I'm willing to give the game a little time in patience. If the developers keep updating it with patches it could mean they are still willing to work on it in order to make it a good game. So, I'll be keeping my eye on future patches, but I'm really not expecting it to be any good any time soon.

Admittedly I kind of like Virginia's character design in general, I think she's "cool". But she's also currently a little too strong/unbalanced (like a few of the other characters).

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