Kanae Bunz

Some quick notes about Kanae from Akatsuki Blitzkampf:

After 2A you can 236A late. It's a tick into command throw, pretty basic.

- 2A, 236B
- 2A, 6C (2A 6C)
- 2A, nothing

And here's the opponent's options after blocked/hit 2A:
- block = grabbed by 236B // take guard bar damage from 6C (neutral if nothing).
- jump = avoid 236B // take much more guard bar damage from 6C (neutral or worse if nothing).
- Reversal = Reversal is countered/blocked which leads to combo // counter the 6C or 236B

Kanae can also 2A late 5B or 2A late 22X, but I have a feeling these are subpar options.

The real difficulty here is backdash. And relative distance to the corner, I suppose.

But don't take my word for it; plenty of good players here: xUberSoldatx.

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