Commentated Matches

Bellreisa has been commentating match videos for the Japanese tournament series called "Bullet Action" and putting them on youtube. You can see the playlists for the videos here:

- Bullet Action 3 w/Commentary
- Bullet Action the 5th Commentary

I strongly recommend watching these videos regardless of your interest level with the game. It's not only entertaining, but they can also help give some insight into what's actually happening during a match.

Bellreisa mentions when a player has done something they shouldn't have, or missed an opportunity to do something they should have. Not only that, he also mentions why the players sometimes intentionally don't do certain things. I feel it can be rather educating to those who would otherwise overlook the things that he mentions.

Hearing his commentary makes me wish all tournament matches were commentated on in a similar fashion. It also makes me realize parts of why the Japanese regularly do match commentary. Which also makes me sad that I can't understand Japanese commentary.

At any rate, props to Bellreisa for doing so. I feel it was a good thing for him to do, and I feel he did a great job.

- Bellreisa says: "Bad bomb!".

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