Stop Doing This Shit

MvC2- "Stop Doing this Shit in Combo Videos" video (audio commentary) by TS (who is not me)

I love this video. Personally I think the commentated version is even better than the original version. It basically embodies everything wrong with common poorly edited videos and showcases it in a highly amusing way. Some traits of which I am rather guilty of myself.

TS has said in the commentary what he knows he could have added to make it even better (rain clouds!), but I think it gets the point across rather nicely just as it is. Especially the taunting after every single combo. I did the excessive taunting thing when I released my first video and I am so very glad some one corrected my ass quickly enough for me to re-release the video sans the taunting.

Sometimes it takes a really good satire to wake people up. And the great thing is that it's entertaining, too.

One thing that still really bugs me about common "ghetto combo videos" that I think may or may not have gotten lost in TS' video is invalid combos. TS did show quite a lot of resets in his video, but to be fair some of them aren't as ghetto as they seem (while others clearly are blatantly ghetto). Though, I think Marvel gives me mixed feelings about it.

Again, I too am guilty of showing a couple invalid combos in videos I've released, but the point is I really try not to have invalids. Things like resets that lead to mixups are great for character-specific exhibitions, especially if the character relies on mixups more heavily than other characters, but resets are not okay for all-character exhibitions IMO. And, invalids are simply NOT okay unless they show a legitimate tech trap or a really good mixup.

To me, the exception would be Marvel, since a lot of resets are specifically designed to be mixups and are even used in high level play. Plus, many modern games we have "invalid" and "black beat" and such that shows up on the screen when the combo could have been escaped, so it's not so much of a problem with these games.

But a lot of older games didn't have any such HUD warning. SFA3 and even SF3:3S are prone to having videos showcasing combos that could actually be escaped, misleading viewers into thinking these would actually work against a human opponent.

And yes, it really pisses me off when I see invalids in videos that don't show them as invalid or show any tech trap or mixup off of them. Probably more than bad editing.


Crow Winters said...

This is a huge, retarded problem in SC combo vids since SC generally dosen't have very long combos because of air control/shakeable stuns.

Xenozip. said...

Oh yeah, definitely. I remember the first set of combo vids for the SC series I watched had exactly that problem.

Then I wondered why people were cutting their juggles short in match videos, only to learn about air control.