Reason not to Play

Something interesting has been occurring in a few small communities that I've been following. Mostly they are the "underground" or unpopular games that people try to promote. Something that inevitably comes up during promotion is the question "why?". Either we ask "why should I bother playing the game", or on the flip side "why not play the game?".

What's interesting to me is all the responses we get. And, it's also interesting how difficult it is to tell whether the reason is actually objective or subjective opinion.

With a game like Big Bang Beat it's pretty obvious that a lot of reasons why people don't want to play it are objective. The game is just poorly made and plays really poorly, so there isn't much reason for people to want to play it.

But on the other hand, some games get a lot of response reasons that really don't have any foundation at all, while some just blatantly do not make sense. But this is where subjective opinion comes in. They may not be totally bullshitting, they may genuinely dislike the game. But sometimes they don't actually need a valid reason to dislike the game, they just don't like it.

Unfortunately it's just human nature to question it and try to debate it. Sometimes these debates get rather fierce and cause a lot of emotional drama on both sides. But there really is no debating subjective opinion. Even if you battle it logically and win, the person isn't likely to just magically change their preferences.

Personally I look at it like mushrooms, spiders, and music. I really don't like mushrooms. A lot of people do, but talking about mushrooms logically won't make me taste them any differently. All the talking in the world isn't going to make me like them. With spiders there's no reason to fear them, but arachnophobia is defined as an "irrational" fear of spiders. So, fearing them may not make sense but then trying to rationalize it isn't going to change it; it's irrational.

That's pretty much how I look at a lot of games, too. Certainly there's no reason not to try something out, but people are not so active that they'll go and seek things out on their own. You have to hand it to them and tell them it's good before they'll give it a test. Like with food, a person isn't going to go running out to try something just because you said it was good, you have to really encourage it or even just hand it to them.

On the flip side, when you like a game and some one else does not, it's kind of a waste of time to bother asking why. A person who doesn't like cheesecake or chocolate might seem pretty batshit insane to me, but then I can't really argue the point since I probably seem pretty weird for not liking mushrooms and I understand it's subjective and possibly irrational.

Music is a little different from food or insects. With music there's actually quite a huge variation in quality within a genre. But, if a person hates a genre then it doesn't matter how good or bad the song is; they hate the genre.

There's no reason, it's just the way it is.


Charles said...

'm right now having the problem of "You only train at one, and only one fighter"...

...And TBH...I just haven't had any real luck enjoying other fighters BUT Vampire Savior...And really my "Enjoyment" isn't the game itself, but one lone little character from it's roster...Q-Bee.

She's fast, agile, and in trained hands deadly...and there isn't another fighter like her in all of excistance...And due to that,well...I just don't enjoy other fighters. It was really Q-Bee that got me into them, so logic would say I would go towards others with the same play style as her...yet there ISN'T anyone else like her!

...So I end up only playing other fighter via request, and really the only one I ever find myself ENJOYING is Vampire Savior. Not sure if this ends up being just depressing or what but that's how I work.

Xenozip. said...

I agree that she's pretty unique. The only characters that come close are ones with 8-way airdashes, like Magneto and Storm from the Marvel series (MvC2). But even then, it's just not the same.

I've had a similar issue with finding anyone that played like Mech Hisui from Melty Blood. Pretty much no one else has her whip or jetpacks. And those are the primary reasons I like her.

But I've always been hooked on fighters, so I always just look for at least one little thing that I enjoy using to hit the opponent with. Like Milder's cadillacs in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.