Just following up a thought on my previous post to clarify something.

Regarding ridiculous execution requirements. Personally, I don't feel that I should have the same APM or micromanagement execution as a top RTS player. Nor do I feel that I should have the same aim efficiency or movement efficiency as a top FPS player. And, I also feel there should be a rather large gap in execution levels between a top player and an average player in a Fighting game, just like with any other game or sport.

When you have a game with ridiculous execution requirements it lets the players with talent really shine, and also showcases their hard work and training. This also applies to sports, obviously.

Of course, when a player isn't able to execute like the top players it makes them feel inadequate and put out. But, why would we want to reward laziness and inexperience? Rather, why would we want a game where even average players can pick up a controller and do all the same things a top player does mechanically without any effort?

In my opinion, when you have a game that doesn't have a lot of absurd execution boundaries then that's just one less thing that can make a player special. It also doesn't really incite a player's natural abilities or test their limits or potential.

A game that has low execution requirements would be good training wheels into the genre for newcomers, and probably make it a better casual game than one that does not. But it isn't going to really allow talented players to thrive and push themselves to become much better through hard work and dedication, since the execution requirements for such a game would be far beneath their potential level or limit.

Sure, it makes the gap between newcomers and higher level players less wide, which makes it more fun for newcomers. But it also makes the gap between high level players, top level players, and the absolute best player just that much less as well. Which in the end, I don't think is a good thing at all.

To use the sports analogy; lowering execution in things like basketball and football would make the star players less special. And personally I don't think a person like me should be able to just walk onto the field and be able to manipulate the ball like they do without drilling any sort of execution practice. And, I feel the same way about games.

So yeah, it sucks and feels crappy when you try to execute something and fail it. But, I much rather have limitless execution potential with no boundaries so players could test the height of human ability.

After all, one of the bigger, more well-known events in the Fighting game community was Daigo's parry against Wong's Chun SA.2. It's not something just anybody could have done, and that is why we were cheering so hard.

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