Akatsuki Anti-Airs

Akatsuki: close 5B, far 5C
Fritz: 4B
Marilyn: 4B
Wei: 2B
E.Soldat: close 5C, far 5C
Adler: close 5C

Now, there are of course other anti-airs in the game. Particularly specials and supers. However, the above listed normal moves are "special" in that they have attack boxes that extend vertically higher than the hittable box. Most other characters like Mycale and Kanae only have moves where the attack-box will overlap the hitbox, not extend above it.

The significance of this is that there are no air normal moves with attack boxes that extend vertically lower than their hittable boxes. At best they overlap. What this means is trades. For example; an anti-air with overlapping hit/attack-boxes (like Kanae's 2B) against a jump-in with overlapping hit/attack-boxes: the two moves would trade hits. Because both attack boxes are hitting both hittable boxes at the same time (hitting each other).

However, the anti-airs in the list above will have their attack box hitting the opponent's hittable box first, before they can be hit. So those anti-airs will beat the jump-ins, not trade.

Only exceptions would be Anonym's bullets and B.Tank's cannon. Oddly though, there's a few jumping attacks that extend horizontally past their hittable box and a bit lower vertically than their extended hittable box. Marilyn's j.C is somewhat like this, but more notably Wei's j.C and Anonym's j.4A have that kind of attack box. Thus, if spaced properly, these moves could beat normal anti-airs (like Mycale 5B). And possibly even beat the exceptional anti-airs too.

But again, this is discounting specials and supers.


Charles said...

...I'm at a lost of just what game this is all about...

Xenozip. said...

The game is called Akatsuki Blitzkampf.

It has an arcade release and a PC version.