VSav Q-Bee notes

I guess one of the main defining features about Q-Bee is her homing dash. And admittedly, it's also what makes her stupidly fun. Having an air dash that directly targets the opponent with zero recovery and almost no startup gives her some pretty ridiculous tri-jump mixups and pressure. Indeed, many have dubbed her "the Magneto" of VSav.

She does have rather outstanding normals though. Her j.MP has extremely good vertical reach and her j.LK has very good horizontal and vertical reach, both of which seem to have pretty nice hitboxes in general. For anti-airs, hers are somewhat unique. Her MK seems to be the obvious one, but it's situational like her c.HP is. From what I can tell based on my experience and observations, the MK is more effective when used early and directly under the opponent, so against really shallow/close jump-ins, reason being is her whole upper body seems to include the hitbox so it's actually able to hit directly above her. And it works because a lot of jump attacks are not able to hit directly below them. Against jumping attacks that can, however, there is her c.HP move. Even though this move can be airblocked, it's quite good as an anti-air because she crouches so low to the ground and the spikes she spits out are autonomous to her (they act like projectiles), therefor it generally wins or trades at worst.

Now, it would seem like trades aren't a good thing damage-wise, but for QB they are absolutely wonderful mixup potential. As long as you recover first (and, you will) you'll be able to IAD/low mixup and sometimes IAD/low/throw.

Amusingly though, it's almost like she was designed to be a grappler type character. She has a hit-type move that will catch/grab the opponent and is thus comboable, and she also has a command throw. In other words; a throw you can combo and an unblockable one you can't combo. The important feature to her command throw is that is has invulnerable startup, all two frames of it. The input also doesn't overlap any of her other special movies so she has the same option selects as depicted in my previous post regarding Felicia. The only difference here is that Q-Bee's HP and HK are really horrible so you're better off just negative edging (button up) the command throw input for a throw/block option select.

Q-Bee's forward dash is cancelable, so like Lei-lei she can tick into dash and cancel into command throw. But unlike Lei-lei, Q-Bee's dash retains some momentum when canceled, making her dash LP and dash LK useful tick setups since they leave you right in their face. Though (un)fortunately most of the cast can crouch under her dash LP, but because her dash LP is +8/+7 it's really quite awesome against the tall crouching characters (like Demitri, Jedah, Victor, etc). Her dashing LK is still +4/+3 though so again it's quite good at ticking to command throw or staggering into another melee attack for a melee/throw mixup. Of course, she also has the potential to tri-jump over low pokes with her instant air dash and get a command throw in that way.

So her common options are
- dash cmd throw
- dash LK cmd throw
- tick dash cmd throw
- tick IAD cmd throw.

Where "tick" is typically c.LK or c.LP c.LP (+6/+5 and +7/+6 respectively). But can be any number of her +F moves such as LP, LK, or c.MK, etc. Personally my favorite tick throw with her is dashing LK followed by a buffered negative edge (button up) O.M command throw.

Another nice thing about her command throw is that it sets up her Q.J bubble super, as it sends the opponent flying across the screen. Normally QB doesn't have many ways to set this super up except for her ES C.R, which is her hit-type grab move. Thus, the command throw provides a meter-less way to set it up in lieu of ES C.R.

An interesting side feature is that I have seen some people use the command throw to set two bubbles on the screen one after another. I've also seen a cmd throw followed by an immediate bubble followed by an intentionally whiffed pursuit attempt though this may be character specific and/or just-frame timing. The second bubble and the whiff pursuit seem rather flakey/gimmicky to me though, but I find it interesting that they are possible.

The bubble itself doesn't seem all that great at a glance, especially since you're not comboing it and it's blockable ground/air. But, with a proper setup QB is almost guaranteed at least one free mixup. If the opponent respects the bubble and blocks you can easily get at least two IAD/low mixups or even attempt a throw. If the opponent chicken blocks the bubble you can ground dash anti-air them with MK and then do a mixup as the opponent is landing, and thus you're guaranteed at least one good mixup.

If the bubble hits in the air you get some minor damage which can be stacked with a simultaneous hit for added damage. If the opponent is hit grounded they are trapped in the jelly for a short time and QB is allowed a 1-hit follow-up. So naturally her C.R or ES C.R is the obvious 1-hit followup. Though, it's also possible to combo her bees super after the bubble super, but due to it's startup and positioning requirements that combo probably won't happen too much. Certainly though, the strongest followup would be her ES Delta A divekick move, since the ES version poison's the opponent allowing for a full combo followup after the poison. But once again the startup and positioning requirements for the ES Delta A make it very unlikely to ever be used on bubble hit.

She does have a couple of useful links. Her dashing LP will link to LK, c.LP, or c.LK (3F, 2f, and 3f links respectively). Her c.HP also links to MP, c.MP, and c.MK (all 2F links). Again, the trouble with dashing LP is the height restriction, but it's a good move to keep in mind against tall crouchers. The c.HP link is also not particularly strong in comparison to her other options, but it's nifty anyway.

In fact, all her BNBs do almost the same damage.
- c.LP c.LK c.MP c.MK
- c.LP c.LK c.MK c.HK
- c.LP/c.LK C.R

Her chain ending with MK does a pixel or two more damage than the sweep combo, and her C.R combo does a few pixels less initial damage but more unrecoverable damage.

However, One of the more deadly things she can do though is:
- IAD j.whatever c.whatever ES C.R

Where "whatever" is typically IAD j.LP/LK/MP into c.LP/LK/MP into ES C.R.

- IAD j.LP c.LK ES C.R -> then okizeme Q.J

The reason this is so great isn't just because it's damaging (though it is damaging indeed), but also because it sets up her dp+2P Q.J bubble super due to the amount of time you have before the opponent gets up. However, the Q.J bubble super should never be attempted off a normal C.R, since the opponent can tech roll toward you for a free punishment. And for the same reason it shouldn't be done off a sweep or normal/air throw, especially in the case of normal throwing due to potential tech hits.

The cool thing about the chain ending with c.MK though is that her c.MK is surprisingly +5/+4, so this can lead to the meat of her pressure/stagger game. After c.MK you can use MP to tag early jump attempts on their way up, or you can do another c.MK to stagger which should stuff most normal poke attempts, or you could use a C.R which is rather safe on block and has the potential to stuff quite a lot of mid pokes. The C.R itself is also airborne so not only does it go over low attacks it will also reset QB even if she's hit out of it by a normal move, so at worst you're only getting hit by one attack as apposed to a full combo (barring supers or something). Hilariously, not only does C.R go over low attacks it will even beat out Felicia's ball roll special and super. And if you can get your opponent to really respect your options after c.MK you can IAD, which even when the opponent is being disrespectful has the potential to go over a lot of attacks and/or stuff pokes.

In general her Delta A and S-by-P moves are not good utility or combo moves. Though hilariously enough both of them give rather large hit advantage. On crouch hit the Delta A links into almost anything, though certainly c.MP c.MK is obvious. And her medium kick SxP is +13/+14 (her other two strengths also being double digits). Though the pushback from SxP makes it impossible to really do anything afterwards AFAIK.

QB's crouch is tiny. Like, extremely tiny. It's incredibly obnoxious when fighting against her for some characters. She definitely crouches under basically all standard fireballs, which is one of the things that makes Lillith vs QB pretty crappy for Lillith. Incidentally though, even though she can crouch under projectiles or IAD over them, one of the things that makes her reluctant to spam IAD's and random C.R's is actually projectiles. Slow moving ones in particular are better off chickenblocked instead of crouched under because of free-action after airblock.

In other words, after airblocking a fireball she can use her airdash, float, or combination of float/airdash and attack. Her specials and supers can be done in the air too (except her guard reversal and cmd throw of course) so she can also chickenblock into C.R as well.

Speaking of float, it's one of her anti-anti-airs. Because her normal jump j.MP is so good most anti-airs have to be done on anticipation. Thus, if you instead float you can bait some anti-airs and punish them by either ending the float or airdashing. And, one of the features to her float is that you can be pressing any upwards direction to activate it, so up+back is valid float input even when jumping forward, and thus you can optionselect airblock jumping attacks and DPs and such while floating forward. Her other anti-anti-airs are not so great, her j.HP changes her trajectory and fires off some projectile bees, which can stuff a lot of anti-airs, but it's completely vulnerable on the way down making it pretty poor. Likewise you could also use an air special move like Delta A or an air super (like the Bees super), but these are also rather punishable when they fail. Her airdash is also special cancelable so things like airdash into air C.R are possible though only marginally useful.

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