VSav Felicia notes

Just some random notes about the character in general.

dash j.MP first hit +2 to +6
dash j.MP second hit +2 to +7
dash j.MK -2 to +10
dash j.HP -3 to +7
dash j.HK -3 to +7

This framedata may be slightly inaccurate though, I've been having difficulty verifying framedata with this game (in relation to the Japanese wiki). Though, it at least shows for certain that her d.MP and d.MK are a bit superior to her HP and HK regardless if the data is actually perfectly accurate or not, which is the point of listing it anyway. If the data is incorrect then it's likely to only be offset by just 1f (as seen when I compare my other data to the wiki).

Felicia's dash has 7 frames of recovery on landing, however the latter 6 frames are special/super cancelable which makes d.MP into super possible. This also can amusingly be canceled by her meter-building special move and her taunt. Though obviously canceling it into super off a well timed d.MP or d.MK is more ideal.

Felicia's c.LP into linked (not chained) c.MP is a 2F link which also allows her to hitconfirm into super or ES ball-rush. It's also possible to c.LP c.LP super/es at close range. And as said, since j.MP is a two-hit move it may be possible to hitconfirm it to super. Though it's also possible to d.MK then link into either c.MP or c.MK and then super. And I've also seen d.MP c.LP link c.MP into ES ball rush, though only the ball rush combos in this case and not her super (due to speed).

So I guess a tl;dr list of confirm into supers for her are:
- c.LP c.LP super
- c.LP link c.MP super
- d.MP super
- d.MK c.MP/c.MK super
- d.MK c.LP link c.MP ES ball

Where in all cases that super is possible the ES ball is also possible. But for the last combo, only ES ball is possible (in corner, anyway, not sure in regards to midscreen but I assume the same applies).

Felicia has a move where if she lands on your head while you are standing she will literally sit on your head. The amazing thing about this move is that it will interrupt ground-based attacks, even normally uncancelable attacks. If she attacks while in this state she will "slip" off your head with a vertical falling attack (whichever attack you used). She's also able to jump off your head in any upward direction. If the opponent performs any action after the headsit it will interrupt the head-sit and cause Felicia to rejump vertically into the air.

Doesn't sound all that great, but being able to interrupt ground-based standing anti-airs is really outstanding for one thing. But also being able to use it as a throw-bait is also rather outstanding if the opponent has a habit of attempting throws using heavy attacks. As in, if you headsit and they expected a throw attempt they may try to mash standing HP, only to whiff it and be hit by Felicia on her way down from the head-sit rejump. Alternately you can intentionally whiff a slow air normal to avoid the headsit and then do a throw or command throw on landing.

She also has a wall "grab" which she will attach herself to the wall until you release, the jump off the wall. Hilarity ensues when this move is combined with headshit.

Felicia's dp+LP, dp+LK, and dash attacks make for some pretty good tick throw setups. Her command throw allows her to buffer some negative edge (button-up) throw option selects, which is also good when combined with her close heavy attacks. Such as, buffering the command throw input and holding down the buttons during whatever action you're doing, then releasing the kick buttons one after the other to execute the command throw. If no throw occurs you don't do anything since you used button releases, but if you're in range and the opponent is throw-able then you'll attempt it. Her close HP and HK also hit very far vertically so it's also a good option select, if the opponent jumps either one has the potential to tag them out of the air, which makes them slightly more ideal for throw attempts than her mids which don't hit as high vertically. Felicia's command throw doesn't have invulnerable startup, but it's fast at only 2F startup.

This option select is entirely different from character's whose command throw inputs overlap with another special move (like Lei-lei's). Another option select that exists for these characters (like Felicia) is to take advantage of whiff canceling. Cancelable normals in VSav can be whiff canceled during startup and active hitframes, which is pretty substantial. Thus, the option select becomes to kara-cancel the attack by inputting a normal and then intentionally inputting the command throw input during the normal move's startup frames. If the opponent can't be thrown then no throw will come out and the normal move will continue to execute, and if they can be thrown then the grab will interrupt the normal move.

Felicia has two pursuit types. The universal one is her ball bounce, and she also has a down down punch pursuit which is a catscratch OTG (amusingly her rat/mouse appears when she does it).

As far as anti-airs go, I'm surprised at how effective her c.MP and c.MK are compared to her c.HP. Though her c.HP is certainly good against people with high jump arcs and crossups (like, Lillith comes to mind) it seems c.MP and c.MK are significantly more useful. I've actually had a lot of success with them against Q-bee and Sasquatch standard rushdown. The hitboxes for this game must be rather interesting. I sure would like to be able to see a number of Q-bee's moves.

Felicia's far HK actually has lower body invulnerability. It doesn't actually take her off the ground like her c.HP does, but it will go clean over a lot of low attacks like most of Q-Bee's low pokes (c.LP, c.LK, c.MP -- and c.HK for that matter, not that that's a poke). In general, I find far HK to be rather amazing against Q-Bee, along with Felicia's other good pokes such as far MK for that matter, as both moves will either beat or trade with Q-Bee's other moves. Another interesting property to her c.HP and close HK is they will both launch (reset) a grounded opponent.

Her dark force is pretty cool. It summons an assist which times it's attacks with yours, making it possible to do loops like c.LP c.LP [d.MP c.LP*3]xN, or like c.MP dp+LP [c.LP dp+LP]xN and stuff. The jump arc for the assist seems to be determined by the attack strength used. I've seen some players using the startup invulnerability during Dark Force activation to blow through laggy attacks and start combos. This could be one application. Another would be a guaranteed 50/50 off a knockdown. The recovery when DF ends is (un)fortunately pretty laggy though so it would be rather prudent to make sure and end it with some sort of knockdown that could cover the recovery. An amusing trait to her dash is that it can pass through people, and an amusing trait to her assist is that it can knock the opponent forward if hitting from behind, so in the corner she can actually use the assist to push the opponent forward and then dash through them for an interesting mixup.

Personally I'm a big fan of random super so I like the "Please help me" super, which is affectionately dubbed gang-bang super. Though, I'm even more a fan of really slow moves that are stupidly punishable and you have to be psychic to use them, so yeah I like this super even though you should never really use it in a match if/when you're playing to win. And for that matter, her ball super and ES should only ever be comboed as well, never randomed.

Aside from all that, I think Rithli said it best when he called Felicia a "neutered version of the top tiers". She basically has all the right stuff going for her, but none of it is especially ridiculous like the top tiers get. As in, things like Q-bee homing airdash and Sasquatch dash cancel and command throw bullshit and so on.

But something about her makes her rather fun and interesting to play. Be it her jump arc or absurdly good normals, there's something about her that makes her more than just a vanilla version of the top tier characters.

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