Vampire Savior Lei-Lei notes

A) 0:01 - c.LK HK Tenraiha
B) 0:07 - c.LK c.MP Tenraiha
C) 0:13 - c.LK Tenraiha
D) 0:19 - c.LK c.LK++ Tenraiha
E) 0:25 - c.LK c.MP c.MK Tenraiha
F) 0:32 - anti-air c.HK, OTG Tenraiha
G) 0:39 - c.LK c.MP c.MK c.HP, OTG Tenraiha
H) 0:47 - blocked c.LK, dash, Houtengeki
I) 0:55 - blocked c.LK c.LK++, dash, Houtengeki
J) 1:02 - blocked c.LK, dash crossthrough, whiff c.LK, reversed Houtengeki

Tenraiha is a command super or "dial-a-super" executed by inputting LK, HK, MP, MP, Up. In Vampire Savior you're not normally able to cancel chained normals into specials or supers, the exception to that rule is the dial-a-supers like Morrigna/Lillith's Darkness Illusion, which is a Raging Demon input, or in this case Lei-Lei's Tenraiha.

Tenraiha is a fairly good super, aside from being a dial-a-super that is able to break cancel rules. The first part that looks like an anvil is an overhead. If the overhead whiffs and hits the ground it becomes a full-screen shockwave that hits low and sweeps. The spike balls that fall will fall pseudo-randomly and can hit OTG for small unrecoverable damage and substantial recoverable damage. The spikes, when blocked, will also knock the opponent around also pseudo-randomly. If the spikes happen to juggle the opponent in the air, you're sometimes able to additionally juggle with a Senpuubu.

A) Is probably the easiest way to combo into it, since you're able to hold any direction during the sequence of button inputs you can just down LK release down then HK MP MP Up for a natural combo (I'll bet intended).
B) Is basically the same principal, except that you hold down for the whole sequence and you press HK before the LK hits the opponent, skipping the HK. This bypasses the HK and goes to MP for another natural combo, though the inputs have to be done very very quickly to the point where it's almost like a kara-cancel input (as in LK~HK~MP,MP~UP).
C) This doesn't combo. But, because of the stiffness/strictness of the chain cancel window you're actually able to input the whole sequence during the LK, skipping the window for the chain cancel and doing only a LK before finally pressing Up to execute the Tenraiha.
D) Same thing but with mashed c.LK. Again it doesn't combo, but because the Tenraiha is an overhead it hits on wrongblock, which is a pretty cool way to stagger since you're able to instead do another low attack after the c.LK or go for a dash throw tick-throw attempt.
E) This one is extremely difficult to input. The game doesn't allow you to sequence-break or store inputs for the command supers, so you have to input the entire super command after pressing c.MK. Which means c.MK~LK~HK~MP,MP~Up, in other words, inputting the LK even before hitstop from the c.MP ends and the c.MK begins to execute.
F) Way easier to execute.
G) Harder to execute and slightly random, but is basically her standard BNB chain into Tenraiha OTG. It's more likely to hit if the opponent attempts to tech roll forward like they are likely to do if they were in the corner, though it's possible to get the Tenraiha to come out as soon as the c.HP hits, which makes it more likely to OTG correctly.
H) Tick into command throw. Her dash becomes invulnerable when she disappears.
I) Same thing but with a mashed c.LK for added frame advantage.
J) If you pass through the opponent a command grab attempt will normally fail, resulting in a Henkyouki (gong). But you can c.LK then input the command throw the opposite direction and grab them as soon as the c.LK recovers.

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