Throw Invulerability

Just a quick couple notes.

Throw invulnerability for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:
- 3F on wakeup
- 3F on blockstun
- 0F on hitstun
- 0F on jump startup
- 5F on landing (with 1F vulnerability on pre-invulnerability-window)

For Vampire Savior:
- 4F on wakeup
- 4~5F on blockstun (random)
- 4~5F on hitstun (random)
- inv on jump startup

For SF3, 3RD Strike:
- 7f on wakeup
- 7f on blockstun
- 7f on hitstun
- inv on jump startup
- inv on superjump startup

For SF-Alpha3:
- 3f on wakeup
- 3f on blockstun
- 3f on hitstun
- inv on jump startup (VC breaks this rule)

For Samurai Shodown 5-Special:
- 17f on wakeup
- 17f on blockstun
- 17f on hitstun
- 0f on reset (anti-air / air-to-air)
- (samsho has no jump startup, you are inv to throws and airborne on first jump frame)

For Street Fighter 4:
- 0f on wakeup
- 0f on blockstun
- 0f on hitstun
- inv on jump startup

On a random side note, Seth's Tandem Engine moves won't "grab" an opponent who is performing a wakeup jump, but the EX version will for whatever reason.

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Crow Winters said...

Holy shit that's a lot for SS5.

I'm not sure if SF4 has /any/ on wakeup, and it's also possible that it differs between characters. Some characters I can grab really easy as they get up, but like, Blanka, I have real issues hitting him with anything as he gets up. I think his "Get up" animation might be deceptive and he's still considered on the ground when he's standing up for a bit.

Anonymous said...

See Xenozip's newest post, being a hint as to why Samurai Shodown V Special throws work like that.