Sausage Fest

It's been pointed out that KoF XII has mostly male characters in the roster. And actually, so does ST. Both games containing only two girls each. And for that matter, HnK only has one.

Bad idea?

Well, it occurred to me that I mostly pick female characters in fighters, for whatever reason. I doubt the aesthetics are entirely to blame, though they aren't exactly a downside either. But more-so the actual mechanics and gameplay styles that are often given to the female characters is probably why I pick who I pick. Really, I guess I just enjoy the generic pixie character in fighters. Low stamina, fast moves, high jumps, long pokes, emphasis on kicks, and preferably emphasis on projectiles and run-away/poke/irritation/shenanigan tactics.

Much like how I tend to play the ninja character in fighters. I know it isn't just because the character is a ninja. I actually don't find ninjas or the historically-inaccurate pajama-ninjas particularly cool at all (despite popular belief?). And actually, I only play male characters in Samurai Shodown. As well, two of four characters I play in Jojo's are also male. Regarding ninjas in general, I actually think Guy and Ibuki were exceptions, and not the other way around. There's several games that I play with ninjas in them, and I don't play those ninjas; Hokutomaru, Chipp, Strider, and the ninjas of Samurai Shodown, etc.

So do games really need female characters? More? Less?

Well for me it's hard to say. Personally I don't mind all-female rosters like the ones seen in IaMP, EFZ, and Arcana (not that I play the latter two games). But I know some people actually have issues with playing all-girl fighters. Though, personally I think about half of the the people I know that say they have a problem with it are actually hypocritical bastards.

But I don't think sausage fests are any good either. More specifically, I don't think I'd actually care either way, but I personally think it's okay for female characters to play like the "little bitch", and not okay for male characters to do it. I'd probably end up playing them anyway because that's the kind of fighting style I enjoy, but I think it's a major double-standard in regards to gender. I really rather men fight like men and women fight like women, and never really do any gender blending. Having "little bitch" style men in games is just irritating, especially when I feel those characters would have been better off female.

I think the only exception would be female grapplers. Grappling-style is usually attributed to males, but I think this is mainly because designers want the grappler to have high stamina and move slow, so they commonly end up being hulking meatheaded wrestler dudes. Personally though, I actually kind of like female grapplers. R.(ainbow) Mika and Kanae for example, and to some extent Mech Hisui. I've never played Angel or Blue Mary, but if they are anything like Vice then I'd probably like them too.

In closing; Kanae oppai smashu.

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