RE: Eco Bubble

In my Eco Bubble post I neglected to mention this thread/list: FG YouTube Usernames.

Assuming Shoryuken forums aren't down; it's a list of Youtube accounts that post fighting game footage. Like I said about trying to keep the community together and organized, I started that thread to kind of keep track of which youtube accounts actively post any kind of fighting game related stuff.

Admittedly, I don't subscribe to all of them, but it's nice to have on hand just in case I want to go see something. Plus I think we should do what we can to keep things connected.

That being said, sorry to ask, but if anyone has an account or knows an account that isn't on the list it'd be appreciated if you'd contribute. If you don't have an SRK forum account you can post a comment here on my blog, I made it so you can comment anonymously/unregistered.

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