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CrowWinters had a good response to my 3D Fighters post.

But first, to clarify, I neglected to specify that I mostly meant games like: Fate Unlimited Codes, Samurai Shodown Sen, Tekken (6-BR), DBZ, DoA, or Naruto. Actually, there's a huge pile of terrible 3D games out there, and they are terrible for obvious reasons. It might just be easier to point out the non-shitty ones than the reverse.

I wasn't expecting F/UC to last for as long as it did, but it appears to be swiftly dying out finally. Personally I think a lot of people were expecting F/UC to go the way of CFJ (as in, totally die immediately after SBO). Samurai Shodown Sen is just a pathetic mess, and I highly doubt anyone outside of the wackos over at Kohatsu arcade actually play it seriously. I'm amazed that DBZ or DoA would get any serious play at all. And I can't figure out for the life of me why anyone would play a Naruto game other than extreme fanboy/girl-ism. So to my knowledge, that leaves; Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Virtua Fighter.

My personal experiences with Soul Calibur have been horrible. Apparently I wasn't playing the correct version of the game though, and apart from that I've really only played scrubs in it. It probably is a good game with plenty of interesting footsies, but just based on my experience with SC isn't really enough for me to know for sure.

Tekken? I have no respect for Tekken. I don't even care if it's a fun game or not. No one zones, no one plays footsies, no one does anything except get in your face and slug at each other or throw all day long. To be fair, I have said that really basic RPS can be fun if you're in the right situation. Hell, I could probably even play tic-tac-toe if I was with a group of good friends and drunk off my ass, but that doesn't mean I'd enjoy it all the time. For all I know Tekken could be a freaking amazingly fun game, but I still don't respect it because it's a fucking retarded slugfest.

Virtua Fighter, I have zero idea. I have honestly only ever played any of the VF games like twice. It's supposedly the most deep and interesting 3D fighter out there, but I definitely wouldn't know. Unfortunately, peoples definition of "deep" is so subjective and varies so drastically from person to person that it's hard to take anyone's word on it. And I can't really tell anything from just watching videos of it, I'd definitely have to try and learn it and play against good players to actually know how I felt about VF.

So in closing, I should have specified that I meant "most 3D fighters" and not "all 3D fighters", because there may be some diamonds in the rough, or something. But I've been unfortunate to only have experiences with only the shitty ones.

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MDragoon said...

I've actually played a decent amount of VF, only up to 4 though, I haven't gotten a PS3 yet. It's a pretty technical game. a lot of the moves having zoning properties and many (more as the games progress) require really strict timing, Akira's SPOD comes to mind most of the time. I doubt anyone has EVER done that on their first try.

Personally I like the way they segmented the characters into easy-medium-hard as far as usage go. Characters with many stance changes and move properties are a bit harder to use, but it adds some fun to the game and to the learning curve, so if you're not EVO material, Serah Bryant can still dish out the damage, but if you're god on the sticks, Shun Di or Akira could be for you.