King of Testosterone

New KoF-XII Trailer

More like "preposterone" amirite?

Well, the game looks gorgeous, no doubt. Really pretty artwork and tons of really fluid frames.

Though, it's hard to miss Ralph and Clark, who look like they have been pumped full of steroids. Terry and Ryo also look like they have been to the gym a lot.

But yeah, back to the real point: there's only two female characters.

Two and a half if you count Ash as a "half". Though he's not really a trap, he's just really flagrantly homo. If you check his character portrait he isn't really trappy looking at all. But yeah, I believe people that would build a "team girl" would put him on it, together with Athena and Leona.

Athena is thick. Her face is really super generic moe blob, which is like "eh, whatever". But the hair style, clothing, and chubbiness are things I can approve of. She's not really fat, just thick, I mean look at those thighs. Also, Leona looks cool, but I never knew of this character until now so I can't say if it's an improvement or not. But, she looks cool.

But that's it. The rest are dudes. Dudes with a lot of damn testosterone. Especially Ralph and Clark who look like they are going to punch out god, or burst a blood vessel, whichever.

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Crow Winters said...

Leona is badass, she was in other installations of KOF as well. She's actually on Clark/Ralph's team.