Aural Diarrhea

Example links provided by Bellreisa:

Rachael Alucard..
"nan-nand-nanda-ja-jam-nan-na-ja-na-jama jama... nago"
PLUS whatever the fuck her familiars and her opponent are saying, for each and every move from either player. The only thing I can make out from Nago is "Ikuwayo~", and I can't understand Gii, but they both say a lot. Just as much as Rachael herself does.

Also, Bang Shishigami..
"Kyushuu ukemi! Shuriken Special! Kyuushuu nage! Waataaah wa wa waataaaah! Houuuten! Shishigami ninpo ougi" blahblahblah-blahblahblah.
I really hate Bang. A lot. About the only thing I like about him is the fact that his name is Bang and he has a steel-rain super.

To quote Bellreisa: " Seriously how can you listen to this and not think "damn they talk too much"? "

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. None of the characters are particularly quiet except possibly Jin and Haku-Men. Though in the case of Haku-Men he's actually quite noisy, it's just that all he "says" most of the time are just grunts and growls.

But just to clarify; I'm not hating on the game itself. I'm just hating on the fact that none of them will shut the fuck up.

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