Beating and Punishing

This will be a follow-up to my last post.

Once again, it's so very simple, yet I continue to be shocked and amazed at how some players simply do not "get it".

What is a beat, and what is a punish.

For the most simple example I can think of, take a thief stealing a cookie:
- If you see a thief trying to take a cookie from a cookie jar, and smack their hand before they are able to remove it, this is a beat. You beat the race between the cookie to the thief's mouth and prevent it from being eaten.
- If you instead are unable to stop the thief from eating the cookie, but punish the thief after the cookie has been eaten, this is a punish.

Once again this effects fighters in dramatic ways. When the opponent is standing directly in front of you, there are some actions that they may perform that you simply can not punish even if you know they are coming. Meanwhile, there's some things that are beatable and some that are not, but the distinction gets a little blurred much like mixups and anticipation and reaction.

To put it in fighting game terms, let's take am uppercut or fireball. These moves generally leave the opponent wide open after they are performed. Uppercuts like Dragon Punches are often invulnerable on the way up, so there's really no way to prevent the opponent from getting that cookie, but you can punish them one the way down while they are recovering. On the flipside, fireballs are sometimes not punishable due to very speedy recovery, but you can sometimes beat them before the cookie even comes out if you are able to stick out an attack preemptively.

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