IaMP Tutorial Video

High quality version: Immaterial and Missing Power Tutorial

So, here we have it. A collaboration between Bellreisa and I, with assistance from Mauve. Bellreisa was in charge of the narration and video production, while I was in charge of the video editing and direction, and all three of us were responsible for recording the material and for general collaboration. The video should be self explanatory, so I'll talk about things surrounding the video instead.

The concept of a narrated demonstration tutorial was something I've been wanting to do for the longest time. I don't even really recall exactly how long ago it was, but it was when I first saw the Street Fighter 3, Third Strike Anniversary Edition DVD that included a video tutorial with both verbal and written explanations, oh so long ago. You can see a sample segment of the tutorial regarding Gouki here.

Later, I bumped into David Sirlin's Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tutorial which was a representation of exactly what I had in mind; a video that demonstrated a concept both verbally and visually, and then showed it to you again visually but in slow motion and with graphical visual aid. You can see a sample segment of the tutorial regarding beginner techniques here.

Then even later I stumbled on Buktooth's Capcom versus SNK 2 video "tutorials" which were really simply just a recording of him explaining different character's core gameplay to some one else in the room. Sounds simple enough, however when I think about it I realize this is exactly what an ideal kind of tutorial would be; the act of explaining something to some one as though you were talking to them in person (just minus the actual interaction). You should be able to see a sample segment of this stuff regarding K-groove Rock here and part 2 here.

Certainly, all of these were huge influences for me in different ways. With these things combined I had become somewhat obsessed with the idea, so I was certainly poking around and fishing for opportunities to give it a shot myself. Finally, around December 28th of 2007, a couple days before my birthday, the concept of an audio+video narrated tutorial for Immaterial and Missing Power started to spring to life over a late night IRC chat conversation.

Quite a jump from late December '07 to early May '08, roughly four months plus one week, but there was a lot of deadspace in between dates where we just talked about the video rather than did anything. Or times when one of us was procrastinating and just doing other things. In reality the video didn't take nearly that long. I was able to complete about 3 whole sections of the video per single day once we had all the material recorded, and worked on it on separate days. The only section that took one whole day on it's own was the first section, because I needed to appropriate the footage that you see in the intro and outro, and also create the ghetto button input screens and other such panels. I also spent a few days deciding on a format and whatnot where I didn't work on the video at all, but rather I just toyed around with static sample junk in Premiere.

Now, just to clarify, when I say that Bellreisa was the Producer and I was the Director, I mean it quite literally. I decided back when we first talked about it that Bellreisa would have full creative control over the script for the narration, and also control over what visual content would be used to demonstrate what was being said. The only creative control I had was over the concept design of the presentation itself, and whatever I was able to do with video editing in Premiere. So in a way you could say that it is really his video, and all I did was encourage the idea and then presented the content that was given to me.

Anyway, that's the brunt of the backstory on the video. No need to get into further nitty gritty details or anything. In future posts I'll try to get back to talking about the game itself.

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