Rushdown (Okizeme)

If you've read my previous posts you may have wondered why I keep relating this game to Guilty Gear. Well, aside from the aforementioned reasons in my previous posts, IaMP also has a Rushdown (okizeme) game that is very similar to Guilty Gear as well. And as said before; it's also got a lot to do with controlling space and zoning, which is heavily seen in both games.

In Guilty Gear, once a player scores a knockdown they generally have a projectile attack or projectile based attack that they can use as a meaty. The projectile itself is a hitbox, but contains no hittable box. And for the most part, projectiles in Guilty Gear either leave quite a bit of frame advantage or move slowly enough to leave an advantage on hit or block. Therefor this makes for a splendid meaty attack because if the defender performs an invulnerable reversal the reversal can then be blocked by the aggressor and then punished, but since the projectile connects meaty there is no other options that to either block it or eat it. Once blocked (generally speaking) the aggressor can take advantage and perform a long string of attacks in order to try and break the opponents guard with mixups. And the same holds true for IaMP.

In IaMP most characters have a projectile that gives enough advantage for them to use in the same fashion. The projectiles themselves can land meaty and can not be wake-up grazed. Therefor, the opponent must either reversal or block (or eat it), and in the case of reversals those can be baited and punished with proper blocking and timing, especially if the aggressor's projectiles have a very delayed hit.

Alice 6B meaty 236A spinner

Here we have Alice kicking Youmu down with her boot, then using 236A "spinner" to throw a projectile over the fallen Youmu. This projectile lasts for a while and is worth four hits. Youmu can't graze this projectile when getting up off the ground, so the player has little choice but to block it. Once blocked, Alice can take advantage of this by hitting Youmu before Youmu leaves blockstun. Mainly because the projectile's active frames begin at roughly the same time Alice recovers from tossing it. However, that brings us to our next point:

Alice 6B meaty 236A spinner, Youmu reversal 623B, Alice blocks

Some characters have special moves that award graze frames on the first frame they are executed at. Even though Youmu can't use a ground dash or high jump to graze as soon as she gets up off the ground, she can instead do a special move that has first-frame graze; in this case it's Youmu's 623B uppercut. However, because Alice had already long since recovered by the time the "spinner" would have connected with Youmu, and that means she is free to block whatever Youmu does in return. So, what we see in the above images is Youmu using 623B to graze through Alice's spinner, but Alice simply blocks Youmu's uppercut. This leaves Youmu very open for punishment since the uppercut has a great deal of recovery time. If you're familiar with Guilty Gear; This is basically on par with I-No's Music Note or Dizzy's Ice-Bit -- even though some characters can reversal through them, by the time the reversal begins the aggressor can block the reversal anyway. This leaves no choice but to block the meaty, which allows the aggressor to continue with an attack string while the defender is still in block-stun.

However, this game does have "Tech-Recovery" on the ground and in the air, which is sometimes called "Tech-Rolling" or simply "Tech". It refers to the act of moving your character either forwards or backwards by a character-specific distance after being knocked down, or not moving at all. However, due to the fact that ground bullets can be canceled into high jumps and air bullets canceled by air dashes; what this leads to is "tech-trapping" which is basically covering two or more spots that your opponent could stand up at.

Patchouli meaty 2B 236C (bubble, sprout)

Here we see Patchouli has knocked down an opponent Youmu into the corner and has done a 2B to throw a Bubble near-by, then canceled the Bubble into 236C Water Sprout. If the Youmu player decides not to tech forward then they will have to block the Water Sprout when getting up. If Youmu decides to tech forward then the Youmu player will roll right into the Bubble and again be forced to block. This is an example of covering multiple areas with projectiles where the opponent could tech to. However, it really only works effectively in the corner, since if done midscreen then the Youmu player could tech backwards away from both the Sprout and the Bubble.

Some characters don't really have the arsenal to cover multiple spaces at once, but they can still cover at least one spot while guarding another spot at point-blank range and risk planting a meaty melee attack. This is generally a good idea, but it should be noted that doing so will leave the aggressor open to being hit with a reversal from the defender. On the other hand, this also gives an opportunity to the aggressor to play meaty crossup games. Because you can switch sides with a tech-rolling opponent simply by walking through them, if the opponent techs in the aggressor's direction they can position themselves on either side of the opponent very quickly and hit from either side (either ground or air).

* Note: Holding D and a direction input to graze meaty bullets when getting up off the ground will cause the graze to fail. However, there is a 1F gap where inputting the dash command (tapping D or pushing the final direction) will allow you to graze through meaty bullets. What this means is that you can not normally graze meaty bullets by simply holding inputs, the only way to graze meaty bullets is to use reversal (1F) timing.

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