Patch 1.01, Yay

ShoK has released the next patch for the game, labeled 1.01. We are all really happy to have a new patch, and we've started to try and find all the changes made. It appears that in this patch most of the changes were balance tweaks and move property changes, with the exception of Maya who got some really significant changes.

So far we've noticed the following changes:

  • Backdashes are slower
  • 5A attacks don't quick-cancel into themselves, so they are less spammable
  • Air shift/burst will "float" near the ground so attacks always come out
  • Absurd graphic changed
  • Training mode F1 will increase points rapidly, a second press will PB the opponent
  • Training mode F2 will increment the super stocks by 1 instead of max
  • Training mode F2 will reset post-absurd status
  • Pausing during training mode may cause random glitches
  • Damage has been reduced
  • F6 in Training now toggles the display of attack and directional inputs (off by default)
  • Many players have been experiencing new issues with the network
  • If you double jump straight up and *immediately* attack, you will drop straight down as you perform your air move. Does not work with up/forward or up/back.*
  • *Thanks to Josh-TheFunkDOC for info about the new double jumps

  • 236a forward portals now move instantly to a set distance (tip of 2C range) and "float" there
  • 236a forward portals can be done in the air (air 236a)
  • has a new j.2C move that ground slams opponent, can be blocked low, can be canceled and whiff-canceled into air 236a at any time
  • 214a shadow palm no longer persists
  • forward dash moves further and faster

  • freedom 214a shadow no longer persists

  • monster 236a no longer causes extended hit-pause/stun, range decreased

  • tranq 214a disappears when Maya is hit

  • Siely:
  • 66c has been reverted to her old one which allows her better rushdown and mixup options
  • New air backdash and can now stay in the air indefinitely using dashes and double jumps

  • tranq 41236a was given a new tajectory and can now combo/loop more
  • tranq 214b tracks slower preventing dive loops

  • Othello
  • Can no longer OTG with A+B while unshifted

  • M-Othello is mostly unchanged

  • freedom can no longer OTG with A+B either
  • freedom A+B can be canceled very very quickly, allowing him to do extended ground combos

  • tranq ground pound can OTG once, no follow up possible

  • Delga
  • Only tranq command grab is invincible now, unshifted/monster/freedom is not
  • Command throw range decreased while unshifted
  • Minor hitbox tweaks
  • Bash Combo (41236c) super command grab no longer OTG's
  • He can no longer OTG with his super command grab after a guard cancel or burst
  • New 6c throw, he now tosses his opponent over his shoulder
  • Freedom damage reduced a lot, axe whiff custom combo damage nerfed

  • Aleksander, Rail, Ryougen, Katze, and Orju
  • These characters are mostly unchanged

  • Aleksander is mostly unchanged

  • Rail is unchanged

  • Ryougen is unchanged

  • Katze's moves got tweaked a bit so now his combos are consistant
  • Katze's absurd now lasts a ridiculously long time

  • Orju's 3rd part of [bash]x3 launches higher
  • Orju's 3rd part of [bash]x3 on crossup does less hits and damage now

  • Overall I think this patch is going in the right direction in regards to balancing the cast. I'm assuming the patch wasn't a complete patch and that more changes to the other characters will be made in the future. The biggest shock was that Ryougen is mostly unchanged and is definitely still in the top tier all on his own (S Tier).

    I was asked again today what it is specifically that I'd change to Ryougen to make him less broken and my response was as follows:
    - Reduce the catch area of 4b counter move so that it auto-guards less attacks
    - Reduce the frame advantage on the elbow portion of the 4b counter
    - Add more recovery frames to a whiffed 4b
    - Reduce the height at which the 623a catch move launches the opponent so that the follow ups are more limited

    Other than that I wouldn't change Ryougen at all. It's really his catch and counter moves and his huge damage output that put Ryougen at the head of the pack. Some people point out that he has excellent jump attacks, but that isn't really as much of an issue as people make it out to be. Fact is, his instant overheads don't lead to large combos, where-as Othello's do. Almost everyone else has a good overhead that is confirmable into a combo, but Ryougen's instant air overheads don't lead into anything other than a knockdown at the most. So, the main issue with the overheads is just damage output really.

    Personally, I feel Maya's changes were a bit extreme, and so were her nerfs. The primary two reasons I liked playing her got nerfed/changed. Not having persisting 214a shadows makes a huge difference, and her forward portals don't act like projectiles anymore which also makes a huge difference. Personally, I feel she has no real defense now other than her 236b shadow and tranq-shifted 236a shield, both of which require time and space to set up properly. Maya is still very strong, but she's practically all offense now and has very little defense.

    But see, this is why I prefer balance tweaks, and why I don't like drastic changes. The two primary reasons I enjoyed playing her got changed and nerfed, so I don't really even enjoy playing her anymore, which is sad. I pray that Orju does not receive any huge changes in the future like Maya did.

    Now, I totally understand the concept of adapting to new things and I've done it plenty in the past, but that isn't really the case here. It would be like saying the only reason to play Chun-Li in SF3:3rd Strike is for her low forward->super/kara-throw mixup and her fierce/back+fierce moves, and if those were completely changed and/or nerfed all to hell then it's understandable that Chun-Li wouldn't be enjoyable to play anymore because you effectively removed the two reasons to play her. Likewise, the fact that Maya's 214a shadow disappears when she's hit (doesn't persist anymore) makes all the difference in the world to me.

    Of course, that's probably just me. I'm sure the changes to Maya are for the best, but I definitely don't like them. Fortunately I still really enjoy playing as T/F-Orju.

    I'm extremely happy with the changes to Delga. It's now enjoyable to play against Delga again, now that his really stupid stuff has been toned down.

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    ShardZ said...

    hot shit.

    on siely's new T 41236A, the kick at the end of it (that causes the wallbounce) now lasts longer and has a LOT more range. Also, when using the move to loop (close up so the kick doesn't hit), she switches sides with the opp now. I don't have the timing down just yet but it looks like it does some VERY nice dmg if you keep looping it.

    ok, after actually playing a bit..
    T dive spamming definitely dun work. Looks like it's unsafe on block (when you land), at best you definitely can't just jump up and do it again. It's still useful though - the autoguard is still very nice. Doesn't seem to move as fast though.

    Oh, also.. her M command throw did about 10% in 1.0d, does about 17% now. SHES TEH NOO DELGA!11!1!notrly

    ShardZ said...

    almost forgot - her forward air dash no longer moves upward. Understandable, she'd be able to eventually fly off the top of the screen otherwise.

    Josh said...

    Yeah, I get the feeling this isn't a complete patch also.

    Honestly, I don't like updates based on nerfing characters. Go the Accent Core route, I say.

    However, I'll do my best to make Delga not suck. T mode is actually real fun, come to think of it...time to relearn!