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I've taken a brief hiatus from Monster, but I'm back now, and there have been a lot of new developments since then.

Thanks to L3land and Spooty, Delga has become even more ridiculous than before. Because of three new discoveries by these players I've had to re-asses my tiering of Delga. Interestingly, our current adjusted tier list now looks a lot more like the Japanese tier list, with the exception of Orju. Now that I've seen all of what Delga can do, I agree with the JP tier list for all characters (except Orju). I would definitely rank Orju either in D or C class (not E).

As Orju, players started getting wise to my green ring PB gimmicks lately, so I've started to "abuse" T-Orju's green dot in new ways. I've started taking full advantage of lv.2/3 dot in combination with T-green dot in the corner, which leads to unavoidable damage. I've also started abusing lv.1 MB super's freeze affect in new ways for more unavoidable damage (via T-green dot). I've also seen some really interesting F-Orju and M-Orju combos from AyaImmortal/ShinTouyokouzan, Xiii, and Celestial_Okami.

So, my current tier list might look like:
S: Ryougen
A: Maya
B: Delga, Othello
C: Orju, Rail
D: Katze, Siely
E: Aleksandr

Personally I'm tempted to place Delga even higher, but I don't because he still technically has a few bad match-ups. Of course, this is subject to change as we learn more and also with future patches.

The EC players have also done another ranking battle (their second).

Results (thanks to Xiii for this list):

  • 1st: GimmeThemShoes (M-Othello) 10 points
  • 2nd: L3land (M-Delga) 12 points
  • 3rd: fooligar (T-Maya) 5 points
  • 4th: Xiii (M-Aleksandr) 8 points
  • Tied for 5th: RogueYoshi (M-Othello, F-Siely) 10 points, Spootz (F-Delga) 3 points
  • Tied for 7th: Shardz (T-Siely) 1 point, XAQshinor (F-Rail) 1 point
  • Tied for 9th: Harem (T-Katze) 2 points, rashreflection (M-Delga) 1 point, zkdfsyufa (M-Rail) 2 points, MURPHAGATOR (M-Rail) 1 point
  • Tied for 11th: Sticky (F-Rail) 1 point, KOH (T-Katze) 1 point, Rusheddown (T-Siely) 2 points, Khris (M-Katze) 2 points

  • Brackets can be found here.

    I'm was surprised that fooligar only placed 3rd with T-Maya, props to L3land for beating him twice (in winners and in losers finals). Then again, I feel fooligar's much better with other characters, I guess he was taking it easy. The brackets look like they were set up much better in this one than the previous one and the test run. Still couldn't get a full turnout though, hopefully the no-shows will be able to attend the next one, myself included.

    Fortunately replays were taken as usual and I've been asked to do another highlights reel, so I probably will get to work on that after I'm done viewing all the footage from the ranbat.

    AyaImmortal/ShinTouyokouzan has also released a collaboration combo video featuring combos from fooligar, Xiii, Spooty, and himself. The video seemed rather short to me though, but this is probably because the production was cut short when he heard information concerning the next patch. Still it's a pretty good start, it'll be interesting to see future productions. Props for the vid, guys.

    The video made me realize that we're really only scratching the surface and future videos have the potential to be extremely large. In the IRC channel (#8105Monster on Efnet) we've been discussing combos that can be done with varying circumstances and conditions, such as; shift-cancel+0/1/2/3 supers, no-shift-cancel+0/1/2/3 supers, and already-shifted+0/1/2/3 supers. The interesting thing is that the combos are often very different depending on the conditions, and then you throw other conditions into the mix like; midscreen, corner, make it burst-safe, start from 2a, start from a throw, start air-to-air, etc. And then take all that and add the different Shifts into the mix. Personally, I find it really interesting that the combos are often very very different depending on the conditions. That means means combo videos can reach epic proportions with all the different variations of meter, position, shift, burst/no-burst, etc. It also means that actual gameplay has the potential to grow less linear (more deep), because you may choose learn and use several different variants in order to compensate for practicality. Meaning, live matches won't necessarily revolve around landing the same combo every time, mostly because you can land hits which lead into combos at any time and under many different circumstances. The primary reason for modifying combos is really damage output, but also increased gravity comes into play after a certain number of hits.

    I'm getting pretty hype just thinking about all the potentiality.

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