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We had an unofficial Monster tournament in the IRC channel today (mostly for the EC players). It was technically unofficial because AyaImmortal decided to just randomly spring it on us without announcing it anytime earlier. We pretty much only had one hour prep-time and so not everyone was able to participate. Fortunately I believe this was just a test run to get everything ironed out for the actual tournament on Friday. Although I'm not personally sure if this Friday thing will be a ranking battle or a tournament. Either way, it should be fun.

Today's tournament was an eleven man "unofficial tournament" which included the players:
ace_uno, AyaImmortal, Dandy J, Darkhonor, fooligar, Harem, Smacks, Turbovec, Xiii, ZKD, and myself.

I believe the results were:
1st - Xenozip (F-Ryougen)
2nd - fooligar (M-Katze)
3rd - Turbovec (M-Othello)

But beyond that I'm not sure, since I wasn't the one running the brackets.

Personally I would have liked more entrants. We certainly missed: Angry Lobster, BoringRyu, Rioting Soul, Roadapple, RogueYoshi, Spooty, and XAQshinor. I'm hoping these players and the ones from today are all able to make it on Friday. I'm also hoping more people randomly attend as well. Then again it is being held on Friday evening, so I'm expecting a lot of people to have previous engagements.

fooligar opted to use M-Katze for the mock tournament, which took me by surprise. I had originally thought M-Katze was terrible and the worst of the three Shift choices, but fooligar has once again busted out some advanced combos that do crazy damage and actually make the character seem viable. Though, I'm not saying it's a good idea to pick M-Katze over the other two Shift choices, but at least it's been proven that M-Katze isn't worthless. Definitely makes me wonder what other kind of craziness fooligar has up his sleeve.

And yes, I know I'm a total bastard for picking F-Ryougen. But a small mock tournament was the perfect way to test and solidify my theories of his brokeness. And yes, he's broken. fooligar discovered Ryougen's 4B counter move can parry Delga's command grab, which is just plain wrong (as if that match-up wasn't bad enough). I also managed to use it to parry Othello's exploding blood (parried the explosion itself). Makes me wonder if there's anything it can't parry. And keep in mind the damn thing counters high/mid/low regardless, and is cancelable into shift/super or fully cancelable during Freedom mode, and it links into his B-n-B on crouching opponents.

Anyway, in regards to my experiences with using him in the mock tournament, all I can say is Ryougen is too good/easy. Had I picked Maya or Orju I would have been working a lot harder and doing a lot less damage. Mostly for the simple facts that F-Ryougen's command dash is disgustingly fast/good and the counter move is disgustingly overpowered. In fact, that's all I really did the entire tournament; whore his dash and counter moves (both of which can lead to his B-n-B).

I'm starting to wonder what character I should pick up next, but it's probably going to boil down to a choice between Rail or Katze. Though I'll still be playing Maya and Orju, of course.

I also got to play Maya a lot in casuals today. I've picked up a few new tricks with her that seem to be pretty effective. She's got some interesting midscreen and corner 50/50 cross-ups, in addition to her midscreen 50/50 high/lows. Considering that her rushdown is so strong, I might have to seriously pick up F-Maya (I've been using T-Maya exclusively). I'm going to go out on a limb and say M-Maya is garbage, but having said that just leave it to fooligar to prove me wrong.

I saw some interesting Aleksander play today too. The poor guy definitely needs a throw or command throw, or at least some type of useful special move, and then he'd actually be pretty cool.

I'm getting really tired and this post is getting kinda long, so the rest will have to wait till next time. In closing, I tried collecting as many replays from the mock tournament as I could, so that you guys could download and watch them. I got most of them (but I seem to be missing a few) right here. I've also uploaded 7 new vids of some of the mock tournament footage to my YouTube.

PS. I've been toying with the idea of recording vids that I post on YouTube by turning down the BGM in Monster to it's lowest setting, then playing other music while I capture the video. But can people stand my music selection, hmmmm...

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Crow Winters said...

I haven't commented much, but I've been following your blog and apeprciate the updates/vids. Keep up the good work, and good job on whoreing Ryoparry. :)