Human competition is always good, but every once in a while it's good to visit training mode to experiment with set-ups and combos, or to iron out your execution. And certainly, a few minutes in training mode can help you get back in the groove of the game when switching between multiple fighting games.

The training mode in Monster is pretty standard, though it does have one interesting feature that isn't found in other console fighters. Though, it does seem to be a work in progress as it appears to be missing a few other staple features.

In Monster you're able to toggle all the Training Mode options at the press of a button on your keyboard, which is something nice about PC games in general. The options include switching your opponent between Human, CPU AI, or Preset. The presets include: Stand, Crouch, and Jump. And you're able to toggle guarding during the stand/crouch/jump actions (pretty standard stuff).

However, one nice thing that's in Monster's Training Mode is the ability to switch Shifts without having to enter any menu's or leave the training session. You're also able to refill your Shift or Super gauges at the touch of a button. Not something you'd find in CvS2 or MvC2 training modes.

There's also one last option, which causes an automatic PowerBreak on the opponent and sets the PB-clock to 666, which is handy for experimenting/practicing with PB combos.

And naturally the replay function exists in Training, which is handy for recording combos or glitches and stuff like that.

My only standing nitpick at the moment is the lack of an opponent "record" function, found in games like CvS2 or Guilty Gear or SFA3(PS2-AA), which allows you to record inputs for the dummy to execute. Though I assume it's a work in progress, so let's hope they add new features to the Training mode in the future.

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