Throw Traps

Most people are familiar with the concept of throw traps. Advantageous situations that put your opponent in the position to guess weather you will attack or throw (or block to counter retaliations), since blocking "beats" attacking but throwing "beats" blocking. Naturally if we didn't have throws then what's to stop us from blocking all day long?

Monster's throw system seems a bit odd to me, but perhaps that's just because I've spent too much time playing SF3:3S. At first glance the throws in Monster seem to have very short ranges, slow startups, and are inputted by pressing a directional and the heavy attack button. There's no tech throw system (no throw guard), and there seems to be a standard throw invulnerability time after leaving hitstun or getting up off the ground. There also appears to be a damage proration on a lot of throws, which makes comboing off them somewhat less rewarding than otherwise.

Good news is, Monster seems to incorporate the ability to utilize throws offensively in each of the unique character-specific mechanics. Delga, Ryougen, and Siely have command throws which they can use offensively in any Shift. Siely's and Rail's normal throws are pretty easy to combo off of, especially in the corner, which becomes interesting for Siely due to her fast walk speed. Freedom Shift Katze, Orju, and Ryougen have special moves that put them closer to the opponent very quickly, which allows them to set up some interesting tick throws. Tranquility mode Maya has a shield move that allows her to absorb one hit which lets her set up some interesting throw traps, although she has some methods of throw trapping in Freedom as well. There's also a lot of moves with either frame advantage or neutrality that can be used pretty well for tick throws.

Still, I would like to see some improvements on the throw system. The player Xiii has suggested that throwing decrease the opponents points, which seems to be a good idea. Personally, I'd just like a little bit more range.

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