Points and Power-Breaks

An interesting feature with Monster is the point system.

A brief overview on points:
  • Combos raise your points. Your points reset at the start of a new combo or if you block an opponents attack. They don't reset if you're hit or if your opponent blocks.
  • Blocking raises your points. They will reset if you hit the opponent. They will not reset if you're hit or your opponent guards.
So, what do these points do. The person with the lowest point score has a "warning status" and can be power broke if they are hit out of a move (counter hit). Having a higher amount of points gives priority over your opponents attacks, so when two hit-boxes collides (clash) the person with the higher amount of points wins. You can also hit your opponents projectiles to cause a powerbreak.

When a player is powerbroke both your points and the opponents points are added together and put on a clock. The opponent is sent into the air very slowly (floaty), and you can juggle the opponent during this state. Each hit reduces the clock by a point, and the clock will also automatically decrease rapidly after the first hit. Once the clock reaches 0, no more hits are allowed to connect (fast multi-hit moves will still connect if performed before 0).

If your points are equal, projectiles pass through one another. If points are unequal, then the highest point score will beat (and powerbreak) the lower score.

This can be summed up by saying:
  • Player with the lowest points is put in "warning".
  • Players with the "warning" status can be power broken when two hit-boxes collide.
  • When power broke: all points on the board get transfered to a clock that determines max hits, and the opponent is put in a juggle state.
  • Clock starts after the first hit and depletes rapidly on it's own, and each hit also depletes the clock.
So, what that means for gameplay is that the defender is rewarded for successfully defending, and the aggressor is rewarded for successfully hitting. However, the reward only makes a difference when successfully utilized. If a defender attacks but fails to powerbreak their points reset. Likewise, if an aggressor attempts a powerbreak and fails their points are reset, and same if the aggressor defends.

This is a rather interesting concept because it allows players to switch momentum while scoring big damage if they are able to utilize the system properly. And naturally that leads to a certain amount of psyche/guessing games.

EG: The aggressor has the opportunity to land another combo by forcing the defender to guess when the attack will be and what kind of attack, or if it will be a throw. The defender has the option to switch to aggressor, but then loses any points they gained while blocking if an attack connects.

Fortunately however, even though the defender is getting rewarded by points, the point system in general still favors the aggressor because of cancel-ability options and mix-up game.

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