Orju's Enchant

One interesting property that T-Orju has access to is his shifted enchant circle (which I'll refer to as green ring). Doing a 5c while the green ring is active will make the ring spin and a timer gets put on the screen, which can be done multiple times. If either player his a point advantage then any attack that the opponent does that connects with the green ring will powerbreak the player with less points. In other words, Once Orju has more points than his opponent and does a 5c to start the timer; he becomes practically immune to attacks because any attack the opponent does within the ring will cause a powerbreak. This is a double edged sword though, if Orju has less points than his opponent and the opponent attacks inside the ring while the timer is active, then Orju will be powerbroke. I feel one side is sharper than the other though, since you control when the timer is active.

Now, I originally thought this was like a weaker function than T-Maya's shield, but now I'm really beginning to think otherwise. T-Maya's shield fails against multi-hit attacks and also fails against throws. Turns out T-Orju's green ring will actually PB throws that cause damage (assuming point advantage). I discovered this when playing against a Rail player. To make a long story short, I got thrown while the green ring was active and I had point advantage, but surprisingly Rail got powerbroke anyway. This makes it a lot more useful since it also works on multi-hit attacks.

What's really killer about it is the fact that it's multi-use. If you happen to powerbreak some one off it, you still have the green ring and can use it with 236b to lay a green dot after a powerbreak combo. Which is really nice because the green dot is also something I like a lot, since it's essentially free unavoidable damage.

Though, I think the best part about this is that it gives Orju more chances for powerbreaks, which is something he can really utilize once he has 2 or more super stocks. Powerbreaks are the perfect time to use a level-2 or level-3 enchant super, then use 236b to lay the "super dot". I especially love the level-2 super dot.

Back to Maya. I had previously mentioned that she has some pretty good throw traps. Well, here's a quick list of some simple set-ups:
- 623a falling (air) a -> throw or 2a
- 623a falling (air) b -> 2a (mix up with previous option)
- 623a whiff falling (air) c -> throw or 2b/a
- 236a -> 2a or throw
- 236a 5aaa -> walking throw (more effective with shadow or shield out)

By the way, 5aaa gives enough frame advantage to link another 5a, which means you can do 5aaa -> 5aaa -> 5aaa. This combo doesn't actually have much use except for M-Orju's white dot (shift enchanted 236b) which has a vacuum effect and lets him loop [5aaa] for as long as the dot is out. However, it's good to keep in mind that it gives frame advantage, since it may be useful as a tick throw setup if your character doesn't have any other particularly useful setups.

I'm starting to be less impressed with F-Maya than I was originally. She's definitely a threat while mid-screen, but she doesn't have much in the way of screwing you over in the corner. Basically, as long as you back yourself into the corner F-Maya can't really do much to you other than try to throw you.

Run-away Rail is really annoying to fight. I was surprised at how much more effective M-Rail is at run-away than F-Rail, I had assumed the opposite were true. But actually, F-Rail seems to be more geared toward rushdown and combos, while M-Rail is appears to be really good at running away. Not sure what the point of T-Rail is, the only thing I see different is his bombs will cause stun-lock to the opponent.

Well, I'll have to post more later. Getting too tired to think. No new videos today (too tired). I have plenty of nice replays though, so I'll be sure to cap and up some vids tomorrow.

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