Monster is a 2D Fighter doujin (independently/fan made) game for the PC by Sho Kawakami of 8105 Graphics. Currently, the game is still in production and constantly being updated and improved. I've personally taken an interest in this game for several reasons, and so I decided to start a blog to reflect on experiences with the game.

Briefly, some factors that interest me about the game:
  • Interesting dynamics in the game-play. The characters seem to be somewhat diverse, but what interests me more is the actual game mechanics, which seem to be fairly fun in this game so far.
  • Being that this is a PC game, the game can be updated and tweaked with patches should there be glitches or balance issues. And the good news is, it actually is being constantly updated and improved upon.
  • It can be played online, but the net code is vastly superior to X-Box live. This is good news for human competition which is always good for fighting games.
  • Good start. So far I like the game, but then it's also still in production which interests me a lot.
  • The way the characters play. The artwork in the game doesn't interest me much -- but then, they could be fighting trees for all I care -- but I do like the way some of the characters play, in regards to their move-set and special skills. I personally get in to a lot of games just because I find a character or two that interest me, and this happens to be one of them.
  • Replays. I personally love spectating, and I feel it's both an essential part of learning/improving competitively and also very entertaining. Fortunately this game comes equipped with the ability to record matches into small "replay" files to be watched any time, which is definitely a major bonus.

So, that said, those who are reading this and find it interesting might want to take a look at some links of interest, so here goes:

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- English Monster Home
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- Monster Wiki

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